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My sister feels uncomfortable if someone … eye contact with her.

  1. made
  2. makes
  3. make

He … mad if we ask a lot of questions.

  1. get
  2. gets
  3. got

If you dip red litmus paper into lemon juice, it … blue.

  1. isn’t turn
  2. don’t turn
  3. doesn’t turn

The machine starts if you … the lever on it.

  1. pulls
  2. pulled
  3. pull

If I drink a cup of coffee at night, it … me awake.

  1. kept
  2. keep
  3. keeps

I have breakfast at home if I … in a hurry.

  1. don’t
  2. doesn’t
  3. am not

If there … no sunlight, plants don’t produce fruit.

  1. is
  2. are
  3. am

They … something unless they have enough cash.

  1. don’t buy
  2. aren’t buy
  3. isn’t buy

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