Grammar Quiz

Comparative and Superlative Adjective Quiz


A mouse is _________a lion.

A. weaker than

B. more weak than

C. the weakest

D. the most weak

The Rock is the____ actor in Hollywood

A. stronger

B. most stronger

C. strongest

D. more stronger

Carlos is ___________ than Luis

A. short

B. shortest

C. shorter

D. more short

New York is ________________than London.

A. crowdeder

B. more crowded

C. the crowdest

D. the most crowded

What’s the____(dangerous) animal in the world?

A. more dangerous

B. most dangerous

My mum is the ___ (good) cook in the world.

A. better

B. best

C. most good

Who is____ singer in your country ?

A. most famous

B. more famous

C. the most famous

Mt. Everest is _______________than Mt. Fuji

A. higher

B. more high

C. highest

D. the highest

This is the __________movie I’ve ever seen.

A. boringer

B. more boring

C. boringest

D. most boring

Albert Einstein was ____________than me.

A. intelligenter

B. more intelligent

C. intelligentest

D. most intelligent

A desert is __________than a jungle.

A. drier

B. more dry

C. driest

D. most dry

The Nile is ____ river in the world

A. the most longest

B. the longest

Sugar is ______________salt.

A. sweeter than

B. more sweet than

C. the sweetest

D. the most sweet

____man in the world is 120 years old.

A. The oldest

B. The older

C. The most oldest

The Mona Lisa is one of the ___________paintings in the museum.

A. beautifuler

B. more beautiful

C. beautifulest

D. most beautiful

Who is the ____(tall) person in your family?

A. tallest

B. most tallest

C. taller

A tiger is ___________a cat.

A. stronger than

B. more strong than

C. the strongest

D. the most strong


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