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Simple Past - Irregular Verbs Quiz


He ________ all the “Harry Potter” books last year.

(to read)

A. read

B. readed

C. red

He ______famous men and women from history in the “Madame Tussaud’s Museum.

(to see)

A. saw

B. seed

C. seen

That boy________ the ball in the basket.

(to throw)

A. threw

B. throw

C. thrown

__________ Sarah __________ her homework? (do – INTERROGATIVE FORM)

A. Did Sarah do her homework?

B. Did Sarah did her homework?

__________ Mary __________ English well? (speak – INTERROGATIVE FORM)

A. Did Mary speak English well?

B. Did Mary spoke English well?

__________ I __________ the exercise? (write – INTERROGATIVE FORM)

A. Did I write the exercise?

B. Did I wrote the exercise?

I ________ my French homework at school yesterday.

(to do)

A. did

B. done

C. does

My little brother ________ his new glasses when he fell off his bike.

(to break)

A. broke

B. broken

C. broked

You got up early. (NEGATIVE FORM)

A. You didn’t get up early.

B. You didn’t got up early.

He ________ to sing when he was 9 years old.

(to begin)

A. began

B. begin

C. beginned

__________ you __________ a good time? (have – INTERROGATIVE FORM)

A. Did you have a good time?

B. Did you had a good time?

We ________ photos of our favorite stars last week.

(to take)

A. took

B. taken

C. taked

Sue wrote the housework. (NEGATIVE FORM)

A. Sue didn’t write the housework.

B. Sue didn’t wrote the housework.

The pupils were sad last week. (NEGATIVE FORM)

A. The pupils weren’t sad last week.

B. The pupils werent sad last week.

__________ my grandma __________ glasses? (wear – INTERROGATIVE FORM)

A. Did my grandma wear glasses?

B. Did my grandma wore glasses?

__________ your father __________ to the office? (go – INTERROGATIVE FORM)

A. Did your father go to the office?

B. Did your father goes to the office?

We ________ to the beach in the morning yesterday.

(to drive)

A. drove

B. driven

C. drived

__________ our teachers __________ us lots of homework? (give – INTERROGATIVE FORM)

A. Did our teachers give us lots of homework?

B. Did our teachers gave us lots of homework?

__________ we __________ French and German at school? (learn – INTERROGATIVE FORM)

A. Did we learn French and German at school?

B. Did we lean French and German at school?

We built our house fast. (NEGATIVE FORM)

A. We didn’t build our house fast.

B. We didn’t built our house fast.

The boss left the work early. (NEGATIVE FORM)

A. The boss didn’t leave the work early.

B. The boss didn’t live the work early.

I made a mistake. (NEGATIVE FORM)

A. I didn’t make a mistake.

B. I didn’t made a mistake.

I ________ T-shirts from the museum shop to remind us of our visit yesterday.

(to buy)

A. bought

B. buyed

C. buying

My father bought a new car 2 days ago. (NEGATIVE FORM)

A. My father didn’t buy a new car 2 days ago.

B. My father didn’t built a new car 2 days ago.

The police ________ the thief quickly.

(to catch)

A. caught

B. catched

C. catted


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