Grammar Quiz

Comparisions Quiz


______________ the hotel, ____________ the service.

A. The most expensive – the best

B. The more expensive – the best

C. The more expensive – the better

D. The most expensive – the better

________ we leave, ____________ we will arrive.

A. The earlier – the sooner

B. The early – the soon

C. The more early – the sooner

D. The more early – the more sooner

_________ you practise your English, __________ you will learn.

A. The more – the more fastly

B. The more – the faster

C. The much more – the more fastly

D. The more – the fastlier

___________ I got to know him, __________ I like him.

A. The more – the more

B. The much – the more

C. The more – the much

D. The much – the much

. . . . . . . he insisted he was innocent, . . . . . . . they seemed to believed him.

A. The more/ the less

B. More/ less

C. The most/ the least

D. Most/ least

_________ the weather, __________ I feel.

A. The warmer – the gooder

B. The more warmer – the more better

C. The warmer – the better

D. The warm – the good

___________ you have, _____________ you want.

A. The much – the much

B. The much- the more

C. The more – the more

D. The more – the much

___________ he waited, __________ he became.

A. The long – the impatient

B. The more longer – the more impatient

C. The longer – the impatienter

D. The longer – the more impatient

____________ he grows, ____________ he becomes.

A. The much – the more talkative

B. The more – the more talkative

C. The more – the most talkative

D. The most – the most talkative

Our house is . . . . . . . yours.

A. as big than

B. as bigger as

C. bigger than

D. more big than

New York is . . . . . . . . Seattle.

A. larger than

B. more large than

C. as larger than

D. more larger than

______________ she is, ___________ she gets.

A. The older – the more beautiful

B. The older – the most beautiful

C. The oldest – the more beautiful

D. The oldest – the most beautiful

___________ electricity you use, __________ your bill is.

A. The more – the higher

B. The more – the more higher

C. The much more – the more higher

D. The more – the high


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