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Present Perfect Negative and Interrogative Quiz


You ___________________ (not / live) here for two years.

A. hasn´t fixed

B. haven´t talked

C. haven´t lived

Interrogative. __________ (Have) Beyonce ___________ (attain) a Billboard Award?

A. Has – attain

B. Has – attained

C. Have – attained

Has Luis ever _________ the house?

A. painted

B. paint

Interrogative. _________ (Have) you (attend) a Grammy Awards Ceremony?

A. Has – attend

B. Have – attended

Affirmative. Demi Lovato ___________ (have) (be) out of the spotlight.

A. have be

B. has been

C. has to be

Have you ever ____________ a stomachache?

A. had

B. have

Interrogative. ________ (Have) Drake ____________ (retire) from the music industry?

A. Have – retire

B. Has – retire

C. Has – retired

Mirta __________________(not/ eat) a hamburger.

A. haven´t eaten

B. hasn´t found

C. hasn´t eaten

They ______________ (not / go) to Spain.

A. hasn´t gone

B. haven´t gone

C. haven´t cooked

Affirmative. I ______________ (have) (cook) dinner.

A. have cooked

B. had cook

C. has cooked

Negative. They ________________ (have) (see) the film.

A. have see

B. has not seen

C. have not seen

Affirmative. Ariana Grande ___________ (have) (go) home to relax.

A. has gone

B. have go

Negative. Kim Kardashian _______________________ (have) (travel) abroad since last year.

A. has not traveled

B. have not treveled

C. has not travel

Affirmative. We ____________ (have) (open) the door to new knowledge.

A. had open

B. have opened

Robert / be / in the hospita.

A. Have Robert ever been in the hospital?

B. Has Robert ever be in the hospital?

C. Has Robert ever been in the hospital?

Negative. The Weeknd ________________ (have) (perform) at the Billboard Awards.

A. have not perform

B. has not performed

C. has not perform

Tom / sing / karaoke.

A. Have Tom ever sung karaoke?

B. Has Tom ever sung karaoke?

C. Has Tom ever sang karaoke?


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