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Continuous Tenses Quiz


Dewi made a plan that she ….. the kitchen for the next whole day

A. will clean

B. will be cleaning

C. would clean

D. would be cleaning

I am ….. some new books next Sunday

A. go to buy

B. going to buy

C. gone to buy

D. went to buy

(+) : My mom said that she would go to the traditional market

(-) : ………

A. My mom said that she will not go to the traditional market

B. My mom said that she would not go to the traditional market

C. My mom said that she would not be going to the traditional market

D. My mom said that she would not have gone to the traditional market

She will ….. at the airport tomorrow at 7 a.m.

A. arrive

B. arrives

C. be arriving

D. be arrived

Rose …. video games in a year

A. will not play

B. will not be playing

C. will not be played

D. will not have been playing

Lily told that you ….. in the Permata School for two years by this March

A. would have been studying

B. would have studied

C. would be studying

D. would study

Jojo promised that he ….. you a gift

A. would give

B. will give

C. would be giving

D. will be giving

James ….. the choreography in a week.

A. will practice

B. will be practicing

C. will have practiced

D. would practice

(+) : The singer will sing 3 songs

(?) : …..

A. will the singer be singing 3 songs?

B. will the singer sing 3 songs?

C. will the singer have been singing 3 songs?

D. will the singer sung 3 songs?

will you ….. here all day long?

A. work

B. be working

C. have worked

D. have been working

She ….. the class tomorrow at 8 a.m.

A. will attend

B. would attend

C. will be attending

D. would be attending

Dad said that we ….. the task this afternoon

A. shall complete

B. should complete

C. should be completing

D. should have completed

The lecturer ….. the lecture in English tomorrow

A. would be delivering

B. will be delivering

C. would deliver

D. will deliver

He ….. at the dorm for the last couple of years

A. will stay

B. will be staying

C. will have stayed

D. will have been staying

….. she join the competition next month?

A. will

B. shall

C. can

D. must


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