Definite & Indefinite Pronoun & Conditionals Quiz


…. of the boys laughed, the other cried.
A. One
B. Some

I knew hardly … at the party.
A. no one
B. anyone

I would have gone out if I … so tired.
A. were
B. had been
C. hadn’t been
D. was

If we … to their party next week, they would be very angry.
A. don’t go
B. didn’t go
C. will not go
D. wouldn’t go

I … a music band if I had played the guitar five years ago.
A. had organised
B. organised
C. would have organised
D. would organise

If I knew her number, I … you.
A. will tell
B. told
C. would have told
D. would tell

Don’t be silly! …. can sing this song, even kids.
A. Someone
B. Anyone

What would happen if you … to work tomorrow?
A. didn’t worked
B. hadn’t worked
C. don’t work
D. didn’t work

The truth is that … of those exercises was too hard for me.
A. all
B. every one

Neither Bill nor Jill … to buy their parents’ house.
A. want
B. wants


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