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Grammar and Punctuation Quiz


When you ask a question what goes at the end of the sentence…

A. .

B. *

C. ;

D. ?

What is another name for the period?

A. Full Stop

B. Is no other name

C. Stop

D. End

What should be omitted in the following sentence?

Italy; I go there for the food and friendly: people.

A. :

B. ;

C. .

D. no change

What are the types of punctuation that end a sentence?

A. Apostrophes and Colons

B. Commas, colons, and semicolons

C. Periods, question marks, and exclamation marks

D. Colons and Semicolons

What separates words in a list? Also, separates coordinative conjunctions, pharses, and clauses.

A. Period

B. Semicolon

C. Comma

D. Apostrophe

What needs to be omitted from the following sentence?

The car, that hit the wall was going to fast.

A. ,

B. .

C. to

D. no change

What needs to be omitted from the following sentence?

Wise men, don’t need advice; fools, don’t take it.- B. Franklin

A. The semicolon

B. The period after B

C. The period at the end of the sentence

D. The commas after men and fools

This is often times refered to as inverted commas. This is use when quoting someone else’s words or work.

A. Apostrophe

B. Colon

C. Semicolon

D. Quotation Marks

When you have a sentence that shows strong emotion what do you put at the end of the sentence? Usually follows an exclamations and interjections like OH NO or OOPS…

A. !

B. ?

C. ;

D. :

What should be omitted in the following sentence?

The moon robot gathered the following: moon rocks, moon dirt, and pictures of the terrain.

A. :

B. ,

C. .

D. no change

What can take the place of a period and join two complete sentences?

A. Colon

B. Brackets

C. Apostrophe

D. Semicolon

Which is correct?

mr jackson wanted to play uno but his cards are missing?

A. Mr Jackson wants to play uno his cards are missing

B. Mr: Jackson wanted to play uno BUT his cards are missing!

C. Mr. Jackson wanted to play Uno, but his cards are missing.

D. none are correct

Which is correct?

have You ever watches my hero academia

A. have you ever watched “My Hero Academia”.

B. Have you ever watched “My Hero Academa”?

C. have you ever watched my hero academia?

D. Have you ever watched My Hero Academia?

This punctuation introduces a list or a quotation..

A. ellipsis

B. semicolon

C. colon

D. brackets/paraentheses


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