Grammar Quiz

Have Got Quiz


…….. your teacher got a car?

A. Have

B. Has

… you … three cousins? Yes, I …..

A. Has / got / has

B. Have / got / have

…. Rachel…. a hamster? No, she….

A. Has / got / hasn’t

B. Have / got / hasn’t

got / Have / a tail / gorillas / ?

A. Gorillas have got a tail?

B. Have got gorillas a tail?

C. Have gorillas got a tail?

D. Have got a tail gorillas?

……. you got brown eyes?

A. Have

B. Has

……. you got any brothers or sisters?

A. Have

B. Has

six legs / a fly / got / Has / ?

A. A fly has got six legs?

B. Has a fly got six legs?

C. Has six legs got a fly?

D. Has got a fly six legs?

Has / got / an octopus / ears / ?

A. An octopus has got ears?

B. Has got ears an octopus?

C. Has got an octopus ears?

D. Has an octopus got ears?

… your cousins … a dog? Yes,

A. Have / got / they have.

B. Has / got / they has

…… your best friend got long hair?

A. Have

B. Has

a dolphin / got / Has / hair / ?

A. Has a dolphin got hair?

B. A dolphin has got hair?

C. Has got hair a dolphin?

D. Has got a dolphin hair?

………. your classmates got mobile phones?

A. Have

B. Has

…. Bob…. a red notebook? Yes, he …… .

A. Has / got / has

B. Have / got / has

… Diego … two brothers? No, he …

A. Have / got / haven’t

B. Has / got / hasn’t


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