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Take it with a grain of ……….

A. sand.

B. sugar.

C. salt.

I had ________ in my stomach as I went to get my exam results.

A. mice

B. dogs

C. cats

D. butterflies

Curiosity killed the

A. cat.

B. dog.

C. rabbit.

Method to my ……….

A. madness.

B. badness.

C. sadness.

Don’t give up your ………. job.

A. dream

B. night

C. day

What is new and wonderful?

A. The upper crust.

B. The greatest thing since sliced bread.

C. The one who makes a hash of something.

D. The one who is out to lunch.

She told them she was dropping out of college which really set the cat among the _____.

A. pigeons

B. pigeon

C. dog

D. dogs

Drastic times call for drastic ……….

A. actions.

B. pleasures.

C. measures.

They have just decided to tie the _____.

A. rope

B. hand

C. married

D. knot

Plead the ……….

A. fifth.

B. sixth.

C. fourth.

Every cloud has a ………. lining.

A. golden

B. sliver

C. fine

Who do you want for a friend?

A. A smart cookie.

B. A bad egg.

C. A baker’s dozen.

D. A good egg.

I’m so sorry as I got hold of the wrong end of the ____

A. pole

B. stick

C. branch

D. rod

Bought the ………. .

A. ranch

B. lunch

C. farm

Hit the nail on the ……….

A. head

B. dead

C. bread

Pull the ………. over other people’s eyes.

A. wool

B. silk

C. cotton

I know how to use computers, but I don’t really understand the ______ of how they work.

A. ups and downs

B. ins and outs

C. on and off

Pass the

A. buck.

B. rock.

C. duck.

Beat ………. the bush.

A. around

B. into

C. across

It was 1711 and Italian opera was all the ______.

A. streets

B. trends

C. rage

D. shelves

Who admits he was wrong?

A. The one who burns out.

B. The one who wants to have his cake and eat it too.

C. The one who has a finger in every pie.

D. The one who eats humble pie.

Fall ………. the wagon.

A. onto

B. on

C. off

A number of pupils have ______ truant regularly.

A. played

B. went

C. made

D. taken

Not a ……….. of decency.

A. spark

B. glimmer

C. hint

Who knows which side her bread is buttered on?

A. A baker’s dozen.

B. A bad egg.

C. A smart cookie.

D. The upper crust.


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