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Noun Clauses Quiz


Will you ask the salesman to explain ……… they ordered their next year’s supply from our competitors?

A. what

B. where

C. why

D. how

We are not sure yet ………. we want to spend on flowers at our wedding.

A. how long

B. how much

C. what

D. which

Do you know __________ from the earth?

A. how far the moon is

B. if how far the moon is

C. how far is the moon

D. whether how is the moon far

The professor ……… that the nutritionist said chocolate was healthy only because she is employed by one of the biggest chocolate company.

A. wondered

B. argued

C. pretended

D. wished

The high value of the pound at the moment explains ……. manufacturers and exporters are suffering.

A. how long

B. where

C. why

D. when

_______________ an old “date” chip is important.

A. A computer has

B. Does a computer

C. If a computer have

D. Whether or not a computer has

Choose the correct conjunction to complete the nominal phrase: What we know is __________ the world’s population is increasing.

A. that

B. where

C. what

D. when

E. who

Choose the correct conjunction to complete the nominal phrase: World leaders are __________ we are relying on to solve the problem.

A. whether

B. where

C. what

D. when

E. who

Donating some of your wages to a charity will not only help unfortunate people, but it will also give you a sense of pleasure, ……… charity you support.

A. whoever

B. whenever

C. whichever

D. however

_______________ begin their existence as ice crystals over most of the earth seems likely.

A. Raindrops

B. If raindrops

C. What if raindrops

D. That raindrops

It was in 1875 _________________ joined the staff of the astronomical observatory at Harvard University.

A. that Anna Winlock

B. (Anna Winlock, who

C. as Anna Winlock

D. (Anna Winlock then

Is it true ________ people are saying about you?

A. when

B. what

C. if

D. that

_________ stole that bread must be very hungry.

A. Whoever

B. Any person

C. Somebody

D. Who

…….. we rent this shop again next year depends on the amount of profit we make.

A. whom

B. who 

C. whether

D. which

It is urgent that she _____________ the natural gas bill immediately.

A. pays

B. is paying

C. pay

D. paid

I might be able to tell you …….. channel the film is on if I can remember …….. I put the newspaper.

A. which / where

B. where / when

C. what / how

D. whose / that

My boss wants this report immediately. He demanded that it _____________ ready by 5pm.

A. was

B. should

C. be

D. is

My friend saw an accident. He told me __________ at the scene of the accident.

A. whether he saw

B. what he saw

C. that he’d seen

D. what he’d seen

I’m sure I’m not the first to notice ………. your daughter is a very talented artist, especially for her age.

A. who

B. that

C. why

D. what

In order to grow vegetables properly, gardeners must know ___________________________________.

A. what the requirements for each vegetable are

B. that the requirements for each vegetable

C. what are each vegetable’s requirements

D. that is required by each vegetable


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