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Participal Phrases Quiz


Rohmah: Whose car is that?

Dzikra: You mean the one ____ in front of the bookstore.

A. to park

B. parks

C. parking

D. parked

The young men ______ by the institute are all university graduates.

A. employing

B. employ

C. employed

D. to employ

A: What have people found in Wonoboyo?


A. hiding a treasure

B. a hidden treasure

C. the treasure was hidden

D. a hiding treasure

One of the people ________ at the seminar yesterday was Rhesa.

A. present

B. to be presented

C. presented

D. presenting

_______________, Badui Dalam People walk long distance when they travel.

A. Not allowed to use any kind of transportation

B. Not to be allowed to use any kind of transportation

C. Not allowing to use any kind of transportation

D. Not allow to use any kind of transportation

_____ by not more than 40 families. Kampung Naga Is unique village In West Java.

A. inhabiting

B. inhabited

C. inhabit

D. inhabitant

A: The result of the English exam is very good.

B: It’s due to the newly _______ teaching method.

A. implemented

B. implementing

C. is implemented

D. is implementing

____________, he wanted to read the book.

A. Having saw the movie

B. Seen the movie

C. Having seen the movie

D. To be seen the movie

_____________, the books must be returned to the library.

A. Having been finished their exam

B. Having finished their exam

C. Finish their exam

D. Finished their exam

The problem of most developing countries is the rapidly _____ population which is not supported by a strong economy.

A. is growing

B. grew

C. grown

D. growing

A few days after the interview, Daniel received a letter ______ him a job.

A. offering

B. offered

C. offers

D. was offering

The window pane ______ by Dizkri has not been repaired yet.

A. breaking

B. broken

C. broke

D. was broken

Sometimes, life must be very unpleasant for people _______ near the airports.

A. live

B. to be lived

C. lives

D. living

Several individuals ________ different groups have become united in their effort to make the government cancel the increase of fuel prices.

A. presented

B. presenting

C. are presented

D. are presenting

Two of my friends ________ in the school fights last weekend have been arrested by the police.

A. were involving

B. to be involved

C. involving

D. involved


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