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Zero Conditional Sentence Quiz


If you _____ in the sun too long, you ______ sunburnt.

A. sit, got

B. sit, get

C. sat, got

D. sit, gotten

You have to stay at home, _______________________

A. if they don`t have any homework

B. if I go with you

C. if you mix some colors

D. if you don`t want to catch a cold or a virus

When do we use zero conditional sentences? We use it …

A. when the condition is ALWAYS TRUE if something happens

B. when the condition is SOMETIMES true when something happens

C. to talk about the future

D. to talk about the past

If you _____ (heat) water to 100 degrees celsius, it (boil) _______.

A. heat, boil

B. heated, boiled

C. heats, boils

D. heat, boils

Study hard, _____________________

A. don`t wear that dress, please

B. if the office is so close to the mall

C. we can`t prepare another contract

D. if you don`t want to fail at your Grammar test

Water always _____(freeze) if the temperature _____( fall) below zero.

A. to freeze/ falls

B. freezes/ fall

C. freezes/ falls

D. freezes/ to fall

How many parts does a zero conditional sentence have?

A. 1

B. 2

C. 4

D. 6

My teacher gets angry, ____________________

A. when I feel sick

B. if you don`t go

C. if someone doesn`t cook

D. when I don’t study

If you ____ (drop) an egg, it___ (break).

A. drop, break

B. drops, breaks

C. drop, breaks

D. dropped, break

if you (put) an egg in salt water, it (float)

A. put/floats

B. puts/ float

C. put/ floated

D. to put/ to float

if you put an ice under the sun ,

A. it boils

B. it floats

C. it melts

When it rains, ______________

A. you mix red and yellow

B. you get burns

C. call the specialist

D. the grass gets wet

We use__________ in Zero Conditional:

A. Present Simple

B. Present Continuos

C. Present Perfect


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