Grammar Quiz

Past Simple Quiz


When it began to rain, she ______ into the shop just across the street.

A. hurryed

B. hurried

C. hurrying

Choose the best answer

Sally____to Cold Play’s latest album when she ___ at her friend’s house last weekend.

A. heard/ was

B. listened/ was

C. listens/ stayed

D. didn’t listened/ was

Jenny … her friends yesterday after class.

A. talked

B. met

C. spoke

D. visit


A. Fixied

B. Fixed

C. Fixxed

(A) … they tired after the long trip?

(B) Yes, they ….

a) Were / were

b) Was / were

c) Were / was

The teacher ___ us Math last week.

A. teach

B. teached

C. taught

She is used to …………… in the street.

A. playing

B. play

C. plays

Choose the mistake

Could you help me to find my phone? I find it but it disappeared.

A. Could

B. to find

C. find

D. disappeared

Helen … the guitar in a band.

A. touch

B. touched

C. played

D. listened

On my last vacation I _________ a lot of photos.

A. take

B. took

C. taked

… they late or on time yesterday afternoon?

a) Were

b) Did

c) Was

When were you born? I ………… in 2000.

A. am born

B. were born

C. was born

D. born

Choose the best answer

My brother ____ for a company called FPT last year.

A. joined

B. worked

C. did

D. made

She ……… tennis last week.

A. plays

B. doesn`t play

C. didn`t played

D. didn`t play

Tom …………. English for the test yesterday.

A. studyed

B. studied

C. studed

D. study

The family _______________ (play) frisbee last weekend.

A. plaied

B. played

C. plays

D. not plaied

They ________________ (be) very tires from so much work.

A. beed

B. bed

C. was

D. were

When he finished, he ……… home directly.

A. went

B. goes

C. will go

The children ___ English last week.

A. study

B. studyed

C. studied

She didn`t ……….. come late.

A. used to

B. use to

C. using to

D. use

I _________ a letter for my best friend.

A. write

B. wrote

C. writen

They ___________ find the cat because it was hiding under the white car.

A. could

B. couldn’t

I ______ (do) my homework yesterday morning.

A. doed

B. did

We ________ (love) the concert.

A. love

B. lovied

C. loveed

D. loved

I ________ the dog last night.

A. feed

B. fed


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