Grammar Quiz

Past Simple Quiz


Shir __________ (play) with Toffee in the morning. 

A. playd

B. played

C. plaid

D. plaied

She ___________ (not travel) these vacations.

A. didn’t traveled

B. didn’t travelled

C. didn’t travel

D. not travel

The baby ____________ (smile) at me an hour ago. 

A. smile

B. smiled

C. smileed

D. smilied

She ________________ a hamburger.

A. eated

B. ated

C. ate

D. didn’t eat

She ……… tennis last week.

A. plays

B. doesn`t play

C. didn`t played

D. didn`t play

She ___________  (go) to visit her grandmother yesterday. 

A. went

B. go

C. goed

D. goied

She ___________ (not plan) a surprise party for her husband last year. 

A. wasn’t plan

B. didn’t planned

C. didn’t plan

D. didn’t planed

He ____________ (be) very angry.

A. was

B. were

C. bed

D. beed

When I was 5, I …………. ride a bike.

A. can

B. could

C. were able to

My friend ______________ (open) the door and saw a thief in his house!

A. openned

B. opened

C. openied

D. open

They ________________ (be) very tires from so much work.

A. beed

B. bed

C. was

D. were

We ___________ (eat) pizza last weekend.

A. eated

B. eat

C. ate

D. ated

She _____________ (not know) the answer of the last question.

A. didn’t know

B. didn’t knew

C. not know

D. not knew

Leena _________ TV last night.

A. watched

B. watch

C. watches

D. watchd

We used to ………… early when we were young.

A. sleep

B. slept

C. sleeping

D. sleeps

She ______ (tidy) her room an hour ago.

A. tidyd

B. tidied

C. tidyed

He ______ (win) the Nobel Prize last year. 

A. winned

B. wined

C. won

D. winning

……….. your lunch yesterday?

A. Did you have

B. Did you had

C. Were you have

D. Was you have

When he finished, he ……… home directly.

A. went

B. goes

C. will go

The family _______________ (play) frisbee last weekend.

A. plaied

B. played

C. plays

D. not plaied

They ____________ (chat) all night.

A. chated

B. chatted

C. chateed

D. didn’t chat

As soon as he scored the goal, the fans ………… .

A. scream

B. screamed

C. will scream

People ___________ (go) to the cinema.

A. went

B. goed

C. didn’t go

D. didn’t went

She is used to …………… in the street.

A. playing

B. play

C. plays

I _______________ to music while I was studying English.

A. listened

B. wanted

C. laughed

D. jumped


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