Grammar Quiz

Past Simple Quiz


Mona didn’t __________ a story yesterday.

A. wrote

B. write

C. writed

D. wroted

The teacher ___ us Math last week.

A. teach

B. teached

C. taught

Were the movies exciting?

A. Yes, it was.

B. No, they weren’t.

My mom and I __________ a delicious chocolate cake.

A. make

B. made

C. maked

They … back to their country last month.

a) fly

b) flies

c) flew

He ________ in a hurry to go home.

A. wasn’t

B. weren’t i

Did you _________ anything at the mall yesterday?

A. buy

B. bought

My mother ________ really tired last night.

A. was

B. were

The baby ____________ (smile) at me an hour ago. 

A. smile

B. smiled

C. smileed

D. smilied

(A) Did you have a good time?

(B) Yes, I ….

a) had

b) did

c) have

I …………. living alone.

A. used to

B. am used to

C. didn`t use to

(A) … you a good student in school?

(B) Yes, I was.

a) Did

b) Were

c) Was

I_________ at the bank two hours ago.

A. were

B. was

C. did

D. be

She didn`t ……….. come late.

A. used to

B. use to

C. using to

D. use

I …………… alone on Saturday evening becouse my parents went to the theatre.

A. were

B. was

C. weren’t

D. wasn’t

She ______ (tidy) her room an hour ago.

A. tidyd

B. tidied

C. tidyed

I _________ a letter for my best friend.

A. write

B. wrote

C. writen

I _______________ to music while I was studying English.

A. listened

B. wanted

C. laughed

D. jumped

Did you ……………. TV last night?

A. watched

B. watch

C. watching

D. to watch

_______ you drink water in the gym?

A. Did

B. Was

Rob ___ movie last night.

A. watches

B. watch

C. watched

I _________________ study) with Daniel for the test last Wednesday. 

A. study

B. studyed

C. studied

D. studyied

Did you … lots of interesting photos on your holiday?

a) took

b) take

c) takes

Andrea ____________ (not visit) her grandmom because of the coronavirus.

A. didn’t visited

B. didn’t visit

C. doesn’t visited

D. doesn’t visit

He … see a dentist yesterday because he had a toothache.

a) has to

b) have to

c) had to


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