Grammar Quiz

Personal Pronoun Quiz


____ didn’t have an umbrella, so I lent her mine.

A. They

B. He

C. She

D. We

E. I

My brother lives in Berlin with ____ friends.

A. their

B. his

C. her

D. he

E. she

James called his sister, Heather. ____ needed her help.

A. She

B. They

C. He

D. We

E. I

The children are on the field. ____ are playing netball.

A. Her

B. His

C. We

D. He

E. They

Muaz is a hard-working boy. ____ is also very kind.

A. They

B. She

C. He

D. I

E. We

My parents said that when ____ was young, I liked to cry.

A. I

B. she

C. they

D. you

E. he

My parents’ house is very big, but ____ garden is small.

A. its

B. his

C. her

D. my

E. their

____ washed their hands before eating.

A. They

B. She

C. We

D. He

E. Me

We live in London with _____ three cats.

A. his

B. my

C. our

D. her

E. their

Mrs. Gorospe is our teacher in English. ____ also teaches ____ Science.

A. She, us

B. He, us

C. They, we

D. She, we

E. He, me

____ am teaching ____ pupils about personal pronoun.

A. I, his

B. She, my

C. They, their

D. I, my

E. He, his

Nabil broke his mother’s vase. ____ quietly bought ____ a new one.

A. He, him

B. He, her

C. She, her

D. He, I

E. She, they

____ must respect our teachers.

A. I

B. We

C. You

D. His

E. Her

____ went to the library yesterday. My brother accompanied me.

A. Me

B. I

C. He

D. She

E. They


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