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A persuasive technique is…

A. The tricks we use to make our writing more exciting

B. The methods or strategies used by the author to convince or persuade the audience

C. The supportive arguments that we add to our pieces

D. The contention of our piece

In direct speech, you say exactly the words of the speaker.



C. Not sure

D. No answer

Which of these is an emotive way to describe the effects of fire?

A. burnt

B. fire

C. charred

D. black

It ________ be a theatre.

A. could

B. can’t

C. must

He told me to open my books.

A. “Open my books!” he shouted.

B. “Open my books,” he said.

C. “Open your books!” he exclaimed.

D. “Open your books,” he said.

It ________ be a school!

A. can’t

B. could

C. must

I asked, “Mom, can I have some ice-cream?”

A. I asked mom to have some ice-cream.

B. I ask whether mom can have some ice-cream.

C. I asked mom whether I could have some ice-cream.

D. I ask mom whether I can have some ice-cream.

We _____ chew gun in class.

A. Should

B. May

C. Musn’t

It ________ be a petrol station.

A. could

B. must

C. can’t

Anne said, “I can speak French.”

A. Anne asked if I could speak French.

B. Anne said she can speak French.

C. Anne says she can speak French.

D. Anne said that she could speak French.

________ jump high?

A. Basketball players can’t

B. Basketball players can

C. Can basketball player

Which of these is not a word for ‘happy’?

A. delighted

B. thrilled

C. ecstatic

D. sombre

You_____use special equipment to go scuba diving.

A. Should

B. Can

C. Can’t

D. Must

You _________________ stop.

A. don’t have to

B. must not

C. have to

D. can’t

Find the correct sentence in INDIRECT SPEECH which matches this sentence in direct speech, Femi asks, “Have you eaten, Ben? ”

A. Mary asked if Ben has eaten?

B. Mary asks if Ben has eaten?.

C. Mary asks Ben if he had eaten .

D. Mary told Ben he has eaten.

Bagas, “How is your life today?”. Bagas wants to know …..

A. How is your life today

B. How are you at that time

C. How I am fine at that time

D. How I was that time

E. How was my life that time

You _____________ send text messages during class. It’s a rule.

A. must

B. have to

C. must not

D. don’t have to

Christine said, “I am going to school.”

A. Christine said that she was going to school.

B. Christine said that she will be going to school.

C. Christine said that she were going to school.

D. Christine said that she was not going to school.

Students _____play football in the classroom.

A. Must

B. Mustn’t

C. Can

D. Can’t

I felt sick yesterday. I _______________ eat anything.

A. had to

B. couldn’t

C. must

D. mustn’t

Which of these words is an adjective?

A. enthusiastically

B. quickly

C. gigantic

D. gleefully

Which of these is another word for happy?

A. gloomy

B. exhausted

C. delighted

D. desperate

A: My child is five. Do you have to buy him a ticket?

B: Yes, you _____. It costs half the price of an adult ticket.
A. can

B. do

C. must

D. should

It ________ be a bungalow.

A. must

B. might

C. can’t

It _______ be a museum.

A. could

B. can’t

C. must


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