Persuasive Text Quiz


We ________take our swimsuits. We can go swimming pool.

A. should

B. can

It ________ be a bungalow.

A. must

B. might

C. can’t

He told me to open my books.

A. “Open my books!” he shouted.

B. “Open my books,” he said.

C. “Open your books!” he exclaimed.

D. “Open your books,” he said.

You_____use special equipment to go scuba diving.

A. Should

B. Can

C. Can’t

D. Must


A. A fish can

B. A fish can’t

C. Can a fish

Which of these is another word for happy?

A. gloomy

B. exhausted

C. delighted

D. desperate

I felt sick yesterday. I _______________ eat anything.

A. had to

B. couldn’t

C. must

D. mustn’t

You _____________ send text messages during class. It’s a rule.

A. must

B. have to

C. must not

D. don’t have to

Strong people_________lift heavy things

A. Must

B. Can

C. Should

_______play tennis

A. Can babies

B. Babies can

C. Babies can’t


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