Grammar Quiz

Present Continuos Tense Quiz


Shelby …… the teacher about her grade.

A. is talking

B. are talking

C. am talking

My brother ………..his car now.

A. am washing

B. is washing

C. are washing

I……… English now.

A. am studying

B. is studying

C. are studying

Sumarni is not sleeping now. She is ….

A. cooking in the kitchen

B. reading a book

C. making her bed

D. sweeping the floor

The students … the flag ceremony in the school yard now.

A. are having

B. is having

C. are have

D. have

The children………volleyball at this moment.

A. are playing

B. are praying

C. am playing

Mrs Anita : What is the girl doing right now?

Shofi : The girl is ….

A. breaking the dishes

B. washing the clothes

C. washing the dishes

D. cleaning the room

They…… this moment.

A. are swimming

B. is swimmimg

C. am swimming

My family…….movie right now.

A. am watching

B. are watching

C. is watching

We……..the plants now.

A. are watering

B. am watering

C. is watering

Siska and Susan … traditional dance in the school hall now.

A. practice

B. is practicing

C. am practicing

D. are practicing

Mickey and Daisy…….their homework.

A. are doing

B. is doing

C. am doing

Ronald and I … football in the school yard now.

A. am playing

B. are playing

C. is playing

D. play

The teacher : Is Mariam doing something in her room?

Faiz : Yes Ma’am. She is ….

A. writing a book

B. covering a book

C. reading a book

D. selling a book

The teacher : What is Siti doing?

Mirna : She is ….

A. washing dishes

B. sweping the floor

C. cleaning the room

D. eating her breakfast

students – the – in – the – having – experiment – are – laboratory – the ?

A. The students are the experiment having in the laboratory?

B. The students are having the experiment in the laboratory?

C. Are the students having the experiment in the laboratory?

D. Are having the students the experiment in the laboratory?

They………in Hokkaido.

A. is skiing

B. are skiing

C. am skiing

His dog……….on the floor.

A. am lying

B. are lying

C. is lying

I … an English magazine in my room now.

A. is reading

B. are reading

C. am reading

D. read

My mother … fried chicken in the kitchen at the moment.

A. is cooking

B. are cooking

C. am cooking

D. cooks


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