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Adjectives-Comparison, Superlative Quiz


What are you doing with these ____________ bottles?

A. empty glass

B. glass empty

Mike never lets his brother drive his ______________ car.

A. sport expensive

B. expensive sport

The car is …………. car in the gallery

A. more expensive

B. expensivest

C. the most expensive

D. most expensivest

She makes _____________ cookies.

A. delicious chocolate

B. chocolate delicious

The boy needs __________ balls for that activity.

A. five cotton small

B. five small cotton

It´s got ……….. lifts in the world

A. fast

B. the fastest

C. the faster

D. fastest

Which is the correct order?

A. a beautiful grey sailing boat.

B. a sailing beautiful grey boat.

C. a grey beautiful sailing boat.

D. a grey beautiful sailing boat.

Martin has …………… marks in the class

A. the best

B. good

C. worse

D. better

Which is the correct order?

A. a new English exciting band.

B. an exciting English new band.

C. an English new exciting band.

D. an exciting new English band.

Sam is ………… than everybody at work

A. more tolerant

B. the more tolerant

C. toleranter

D. the most tolerant

A rabbit is ………….. than a turtle

A. the faster

B. more faster

C. faster

D. fast

I want you to meet that __________ girl.

A. tall blonde Swedish

B. blonde tall Swedish

Last night my grandma told me the …….. story that i have ever heard.

A. most interesting

B. interesting

C. more interesting

D. interested

Taipei 101 in Taiwan is ……………… building in the world.

A. tallest

B. the taller

C. the tallest

D. tall

Aeroplanes are ……… than trains

A. comfortabler

B. the more comfortable

C. comfortable

D. more comfortable

The room was filled with __________ balloons.

A. red big

B. big red

The panda is ……….. than the monkey

A. fatter

B. the slimmer

C. slimmer

D. fat

Which is the correct?

A. a red big plastic bag

B. a plastic big red bag

C. a big red plastic bag

D. a big plastic red bag


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