Grammar Quiz

Second Type Conditional Quiz


You ______ healthier if you ______ smoke.

A. would be / didn’t

B. will be / didn’t

C. wouldn’t be / did

D. Call my mom!

If you _____ me a coin, I _______ an ice cream.

A. give / will buy

B. gave / would buy

C. gave / buy

D. gave / bought

If I _____ an astronaut, I _____ to the moon.

A. was / would went

B. were / will go

C. were / would go

D. would be / went

If it _______, we _______ a snowman.

A. snowing / will build

B. snowed / would build

C. would snow / build

D. Help me teacher Daniel!

If I had a pet,

A. it would be a dog

B. it will be a dog

C. it is a dog

D. Help me!

If my teacher weren’t so angry,

A. she would be a better person.

B. she will be a better person.

C. she is a better person.

D. I will hate her.

I would call my crush

A. if I had his number

B. No! I’m illegal!

C. if I would have his number

D. if I have his number

I _____ to the beach if I _____ a swimsuit.

A. would go / had

B. Dennis wants to dance La bomba!

C. went / would have

D. will go / had

If you _____ me, I ______ earlier.

A. helped / would finish

B. will help / would finish

C. Help me Don Joaquín!

I would be happier

A. If I had a boyfriend

B. ,If I had a boyfriend

C. If I will have a boyfriend

D. I’m still illegal!

If you didn’t speak English,

A. would you understand me?

B. will you understand me?

C. do you understand me?

D. did you understand me?

I wouldn’t do that

A. if I were you

B. if I was you

C. if you were you

D. I want to see Dennis dancing La bomba!


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