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Simple Past Tense Quiz


Change the verb in the bracets into Past Tense

Clara: How was your exam?
Amanda: I was exhausted at the end of the exam. I (write)______ more than 500 words.

A. writing

B. written

C. wrote

D. writes

“The children ____________ (to eat) all the food, but they didn’t ____________ (to drink) the milk”

A. eat – drank

B. ate – drink

C. eat – drink

D. ate – drank

What did you eat last night? I … some bread

A. eat

B. ate

C. eating

D. eaten

Amy ___________ (drink) a glass of milk a few minutes ago.

A. drinked

B. drank

…… ……….for the maths test?

A. did / studied

B. did / study

C. do / study

D. do / studied

What did you do last night?
I … English and math last night

A. study

B. studied

C. studies

D. studying

My teacher __________ (teach) us grammar last week.

A. teached

B. taught

Ahmad ____________ (swim) in the pool yesterday.

A. swimmed

B. swam

What is the past simple form of ‘say’?

A. says

B. said

C. sayed

D. saying

I _______ you_____ the lottery a few months ago.

A. hear / win

B. hear / won

C. heard / win

D. heard/ won

I ____ (dream) I could fly last night.

A. Did dream

B. Did dreamed

C. dream

D. dreamed

What is the past simple form of ‘go’?

A. goed

B. go

C. goes

D. went

Dan ____ (not/work) last week.

A. did work

B. did worked

C. did not worked

D. did not work





What is the past simple form of ‘hate’?

A. hated

B. hate

C. haten

D. hating

Transform this statement into a question:

“Juliana spoke English very well”

A. Juliana speak English very well?

B. Did Juliana speak English very well?

C. Did Juliana spoke English very well?

D. Juliana spoke English very well?

I ______ a snake near there!

A. see

B. seen

C. seeing

D. saw

I _______ yesterday. I was chilling.

A. didn’t work

B. didn’t worked

C. not worked

D. did work

How … you pay the book?.
I paid it in cash

A. do

B. did

C. does

D. are

She didn’t …. in the same place. She grew up in different places.

A. grown

B. growed

C. grow

My sister ______ up late for school this morning.

A. wakes

B. is waking

C. woke

D. waked

What did you do yesterday? I ………………… some new cards.

A. bout

B. bougt

C. bought

D. boat

My mother _____ Nasi Ayam for dinner last night.

A. cooked

B. cook

C. cooks

Sally _______(be) disappointed she ________(miss) the party.

A. was/ missed

B. were/missed

C. was/miss

D. were/miss

Complete the question: “_______ your mother ________ to Rio last week?”

A. Does – travel

B. Did – travel

C. Did – traveled

D. Do – traveled


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