Grammar Quiz

Simple Past Tense Quiz


Dan ____ (not/work) last week.

A. did work

B. did worked

C. did not worked

D. did not work

We … (buy) a book last week.

A. was

B. were

C. buyed

D. bought

last night I visited your house, but I didn’t see you. Where … you last night?

A. are

B. was

C. were

D. is

Where __________ (be) last night?

A. did/be

B. did/were

C. were

D. was

Willy : with whom do you go to school, Theo?

Theo : I usually go with Mikael. But this morning I … alone to school as was unwell.

A. walking

B. walked

C. walks

D. walk

You / yesterday/ didn’t / your book / find

A. You your book didn’t find yesterday

B. You didn’t find your book yesterday

C. You didn’t yesterday find your book

D. Yesterday Your didn’t find you book

E. You yesterday didn’t find your book

My parents ____ books last month.

A. didn’t read

B. readed

C. not read

She didn’t …. in the same place. She grew up in different places.

A. grown

B. growed

C. grow

Mr. Joko Widodo _____ born in Surakarta.

A. was

B. were

C. is

D. did

I ….. to call my friend yesterday.

A. Had

B. Has

C. Will

D. Did





The Caribbean monk seal ____ the only species of seal that ____ made extinct by humans. It ____ declared extinct in 2008

A. was – was

B. was – is

C. is – was

D. is – is

She ______________ (be) at the ZOO yesterday

A. is

B. were

C. was

D. be

What is the past simple form of ‘say’?

A. says

B. said

C. sayed

D. saying

_____ Melissa ______ Mary´s essay last quarter?

A. Does / read

B. Does/ did read

C. Did/ read

D. Did / did

I didn’t wanted to gave you the answer.

A. Correct

B. Incorrect

______ you _______ the dishes by yourself last night?

A. Did … wash

B. Did … washed

C. Do … wash

D. Do … washed

I ____ (dream) I could fly last night.

A. Did dream

B. Did dreamed

C. dream

D. dreamed

Rian did not throw the trash into the dustbin.

Change the sentence into Positive form

A. Rian throws the trash into the dustbin.

B. Rian throw the trash into the dustbin.

C. Rian threw the trash into the dustbin.

D. Rian thrown the trash into the dustbin.

Then, she … (move) to Rembang.

A. move

B. moved

C. was

D. were

What is the past tense of “see”?

A. Said

B. Saw

C. Seed

D. Seeing

We ___________ in a caravan all over Peninsular Malaysia last holidays.

A. travel

B. travels

C. travelled

D. travelling

Diana …. her holiday in Bali last holiday

A. spend

B. spends

C. spent

D. spending

I…………..alone to the movie theater last nigh

A. Walk

B. Walked

C. Walking

D. Walkes

Transform this statement into a question:

“Juliana spoke English very well”

A. Juliana speak English very well?

B. Did Juliana speak English very well?

C. Did Juliana spoke English very well?

D. Juliana spoke English very well?


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