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Compound Adjectives Quiz


Fill in the gap with the correct compound adjective.

I walked in and smelled something ____________________.
A. mouth-watering

B. cool-looking

C. tight-fitting

_____communities produce their own food

A. high-rise

B. self-driving

C. rich

D. self-sufficient

Recent research shows baboons make ______ sounds

A. mass-produced

B. three-dimensional

C. human-like

D. good

His _______________ and carefree nature is liked by all.

A. easy-going

B. full-time

C. first-class

D. fifteen-minute

They’re very determined.

A. open-minded

B. self-centered

C. strong-willed

D. lazy


A. bossy

B. snobbish

C. confident

D. selfish

She has a very ____________ attitude toward her life.

A. laid-back

B. self-centered

C. absent-minded

D. well-balanced

Fill in the gap with the correct compound adjective.

The monster is ____________________. It is blood-curdling.
A. red-eyed

B. brown-haired

C. moon-faced

Some computer games improve your ______ skills

A. high-rise

B. decision-making

C. world-changing

D. reading


A. sociable

B. outgoing

C. friendly

D. relaxed

Fill in the gap with the correct compound adjective.

No wondering! He can lift all the bags at the flick of a switch, for he is ______________________.
A. quick-thinking

B. well-muscled

C. moon-faced

Grace never thinks of anyone else, because she’s so _______ .

A. strong-willed

B. self-centred

C. two-faced

D. laid-back

My parents are quite ________ . They accept most of things I do, without getting upset.

A. easy-going

B. bad-tempered

C. tight-fisted

D. narrow minded

My parents are quite__________. They won’t listen to other people’s opinions.

A. narrow-minded

B. open-minded

C. absent-minded

D. simple-minded

My uncle gave me a ________________ note as a birthday gift.

A. hundred-rupee

B. hundred

C. rupee

D. duplicate 1 lakh rupee

Fill in the gap with the correct compound adjective.

Watch out! Crocodiles are ________________.
A. cool-looking

B. one-armed

C. sharp-toothed

She’s very ______ , and if she’s decided to become a vegetarian, nothing will stop her.

A. tight-fisted

B. easy-going

C. big-headed

D. strong-willed

A cube is a ___________ shape

A. forward-thinking

B. three-dimensional

C. cutting-edge

D. geometric

I’ve never seen your children being naughty. They are really ______ .

A. big-headed

B. strong-willed

C. laid-back

D. well-behaved

Since he went to work abroad for a while, Leo has become more _______ abput other cultures.

A. open-minded

B. narrow-minded

C. absent-minded

D. big-headed

In the future. I´d love to live in a modern _____ apartment

A. world-changing

B. remote-controlled

C. high-rise

D. mass-produced

Since she went abroad, Jack has become more _______about other cultures.

A. absent-minded

B. simple-minded

C. narrow-minded

D. open-minded

Which of the following options means unable to see far?

A. short-sighted

B. split ends

C. sighted-short

D. narrow-minded

She gets very _____________when she’s tired.

A. good-temperd

B. bad-temperd

C. absent-minded

D. strong-willed

My sister-in-law is very ________. She says one thing and does another.

A. self-centered

B. strong-willed

C. well-balanced

D. two-faced


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