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Compound Adjectives Quiz


When we go out, my friend Jack never offers to buy the drinks. I wish he wasn’t so ________ .

A. tight-fisted

B. big-headed

C. self-centred

D. bad-tempered

she was in a bad mood today. She was very bad-… all day.

A. feeling

B. moody

C. tempered

D. behaviour

Fill in the gap with the correct compound adjective.

His dad was literally ___________________. He was fuming with anger.
A. tired-looking

B. red-faced

C. quick-thinking

My grandma’s house is a ________________ drive from our place.

A. fifteen-minute

B. long

C. short

D. boring

She has a very ____________ attitude toward her life.

A. laid-back

B. self-centered

C. absent-minded

D. well-balanced

My grandfather is always forgetting his keys. She’s very _______.

A. open-minded

B. narrow-minded

C. absent-minded

D. simple-minded

She’s very ______ , and if she’s decided to become a vegetarian, nothing will stop her.

A. tight-fisted

B. easy-going

C. big-headed

D. strong-willed


A. sociable

B. outgoing

C. friendly

D. relaxed

Recent research shows baboons make ______ sounds

A. mass-produced

B. three-dimensional

C. human-like

D. good

Oliver’s friend isn’t as mad as he is. She seems quite ____________.

A. open-minded

B. strong-willed

C. well-balanced

D. well-done

Fill in the gap with the correct compound adjective.

Huda is ____________________. She is always the first one to give correct answers.
A. tired-looking

B. easy-going

C. quick-thinking

She gets very _____________when she’s tired.

A. good-temperd

B. bad-temperd

C. absent-minded

D. strong-willed

My uncle gave me a ________________ note as a birthday gift.

A. hundred-rupee

B. hundred

C. rupee

D. duplicate 1 lakh rupee

Which country lies to the _________________ of India?

A. south-west

B. first-class

C. left-handed

D. easy-going

I wish I had such ____________ parents!

A. tight-fisted

B. narrow-minded

C. absent-minded

D. easy-going

Since he went to work abroad for a while, Leo has become more _______ abput other cultures.

A. open-minded

B. narrow-minded

C. absent-minded

D. big-headed


A. big-hearted

B. big-headed

C. level-headed

D. warm-hearted

In the future ________ buses will take kids to school.

A. self-sufficient

B. self-driving

C. big

D. world-changing

Some computer games improve your ______ skills

A. high-rise

B. decision-making

C. world-changing

D. reading

Grace never thinks of anyone else because she’s so___________.

A. generous

B. cheerful

C. confident

D. self-centred

Which of the following options means unable to see far?

A. short-sighted

B. split ends

C. sighted-short

D. narrow-minded

Fill in the gap with the correct compound adjective.

I walked in and smelled something ____________________.
A. mouth-watering

B. cool-looking

C. tight-fitting

I don’t like spending my money when I go out with my friends and colleagues somewhere.

A. self-centred

B. tight-fisted

C. close-minded

D. big-headed

Grace never thinks of anyone else, because she’s so _______ .

A. strong-willed

B. self-centred

C. two-faced

D. laid-back


A. sensible

B. intelligent

C. arrogant

D. confident


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