Grammar Quiz

Simple Present and Present Continuous Quiz


All of Muslims … 5 times every day: Shubuh, Dzuhr, Ashar, Maghrib, and Isya

A. pray

B. prays

C. are praying

D. praying

Raihan … Al Qur’an every after Shubuh

A. read

B. reads

C. is reading

D. reading

She … 100 Al Matsurat book for donation right now

A. is buying

B. are buying

C. buy

D. buys

Abdullah and Rahman … my friends at school

A. are

B. am

C. is

Ali … Arabic. It is his native language. But, right now he … English

A. speak ; speaking

B. speaks ; is speaking

C. speaking ; speaks

D. is speaking ; speaks

I … a student at Gema Nurani Primary School

A. am

B. is

C. are

Azzahra and I … reporters

A. am

B. are

C. is

My father … Sirah Nabawiyah book now after lunch

A. is reading

B. are reading

C. read

D. reads

My sister wants to be an artist. She … painting very much

A. loves

B. love

C. is loving

D. are loving

Right now, I’m in my class. I … on my chair. I usually … on the same chair in class every day

A. sit ; sitting

B. sitting ; sit

C. am sitting ; sit

D. am sitting ; sits

We always … our hands before eating to keep our health

A. wash

B. washes

C. are washing

D. washing

I … in a small apartment near the college

A. living

B. lives

C. live

D. am living

We … “Allahumma inni as’aluka min fadhlik” every exit the mosque

A. say

B. says

C. are saying

D. saying

I am … an omelet for breakfast right now

A. eat

B. eating

C. eats

D. is eating

Ahmad always … her mother every day

A. help

B. helps

C. is helping

D. are helping

All of students class 5 … Basmallah together before study English now

A. recites

B. recite

C. are reciting

D. is reciting

Ssshh! The baby … . The baby … for ten hours every night

A. is sleeping ; sleep

B. are sleeping ; sleeps

C. is sleeping ; sleeps

D. are sleeping ; sleep

My brother … his favorite TV program every evening

A. watches

B. watch

C. watching

D. is watching

A: What is your mother doing now?

B: She … the flowers

A. waters

B. water

C. is watering

D. watering

They always … the classroom every day

A. clean

B. cleans

C. are cleaning

D. is cleaning


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