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Grammar - Present Perfect Tense Quiz


Mary’s English wasn’t very good. Now it is better.

Her English _____________ (improve).

A. improved

B. improves

C. had improved

D. has improved

We _____________ (live) in an apartment since we moved to this city.

A. lived

B. are living

C. have lived

D. has lived

Choose the correct time adverbials to complete the sentence.

A: Have you finished reading that article?

B: No, I have not started it ____________!

A. ever

B. so far

C. never

D. yet

A: Are you going to the bank?

B: No, I have already _______________ to the bank.

A. been

B. gone

C. went

D. being

It is good to see you again. We ______________ (see) each other for a long time.

A. have saw

B. have seen

C. have not seen

D. were seeing

A: Has Jack driven a car before?

B: No, this is the first time he _____________ (drive) a car.

A. drives

B. has driven

C. have driven

D. drove

John ___________ (play) basketball since he was eight years old.

A. plays

B. has played

C. have played

D. is playing

A: Where is Sara? I have not seen her for weeks.

B: She_____________to Paris for a week. She will be back tomorrow.

A. gone

B. has gone

C. been

D. has been

I (meet) ______________ a lot of people in the last few days.

A. met

B. am meeting

C. have met

D. have meet

Choose the correct time adverbials to complete the sentence.

Maddie sent off more than 10 job applications last month, but ____________ she has not received any replies.

A. yet

B. never

C. so far

D. ever


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