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Tenses Practice Quiz


Anat ____________ flamenco three times a week. 

A. is teaching

B. teach

C. teaches

D. teaching

Complete the sentence:
I ________ England last year.

A. visit

B. visited

C. visiting

My parents are watching TV ____________

A. every day

B. always

C. on Saturday

D. tonight

When we got on the train, the sun ……………… .

A. shone

B. shined

C. was shining

Yesterday at 8 o’clock we ____________ TV.

A. watched

B. were watching

C. are watching

D. will watch

I _______ that movie several times.

A. watched

B. has watch

C. will watch

D. have watched

What PERFECT tense is used in this sentence?

Nobody has been in that old abandoned house for years.

A. Past Perfect

B. Present Perfect

C. Future Perfect

D. None of the above (this sentence uses simple tense)

What is the present perfect form of the sentence:

A. I had eaten chocolates.

B. I will eat chocolates tomorrow.

C. I eat chocolates daily.

D. I have eaten chocolates.

Which sentence used the PRESENT PERFECT tense?

A. I have enjoyed reading ever since I can remember.

B. Do you have any homework tonight?

Which of the following is written in PAST PERFECT TENSE?

A. She worked honestly in the office.

B. She was working hard at her home.

C. She had worked hard in her office last year.

D. She had been working hard for 10 years,

Complete the sentence with the verb in parentheses in future perfect tense.
Susan ____ (place) the decorations on the table.

A. place

B. will place

C. have placed

D. will have placed

Which sentence uses the FUTURE PERFECT tense?

A. By the time Jack has his play, he will have put in days of practice.

B. He had not practiced at all before yesterday.

Barak __________ here a moment ago. 

A. were

B. is

C. are

D. was

I ……….. the film twice.

A. saw

B. was seeing

C. have seen

Aaron ____________ the car when we hit the sidewalk.

A. were driving

B. drove

C. driven

D. was driving

What perfect tense is used in this sentence?

That doctor will have cured many sick children by the time he retires.

A. Past Perfect

B. Present Perfect

C. Future Perfect

D. None of the above (this sentence uses simple tense)


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