Grammar Quiz

Adjective vs Adverb Quiz


Cross the road _______.

A. careful

B. carefully

The teacher was very ________ yesterday!

A. angrily

B. angry

He ran so … that no one could catch up him.

A. fast

B. fasty

C. fastly

D. slowly

Natalia has got a ________ (good) memory.

A. well

B. good

Elena can sing ________ (good).

A. well

B. good

Olga eats ________ (healthy).

A. healthily

B. healthy

C. healhyly

Speak _________, please, we can’t hear you.

A. louder

B. loudest

C. loud

See this film if you have a chance. It’s really ___.

A. interestingly

B. interesting

My sister speaks Italian ___.

A. good

B. well

Dress … when you go to the interview

A. nice

B. nicely

C. tidy

D. good

He plays the pipe ______.

A. nervously

B. nervous

Ann never gets to work ________ (late).

A. late

B. lately

She can run very …………

A. in a fast way

B. fastly

C. fast

D. slow

Slava works in a ________ (quiet) place.

A. quietly

B. quiet

You should answer all the questions ___.

A. honest

B. honestly

Mike is so ___. He does nothing around the house.

A. lazy

B. lazily

I didn’t do the test ………… yesterday.

A. good

B. well

C. goodly

D. bad

My sister sang … than Amelie did.

A. more beautifully

B. beautifully

C. most beautifully

Peter smiles so ___ .

A. happy

B. happily

They are ________ tennis players.

A. good

B. well

He is a ……………….. driver.

A. careful

B. carefully

C. carefuly

Your brother is a … worker.

A. hard

B. hardly

He likes to ride his bike… .

A. fastly

B. fast

The boy felt ….. than the girl about losing the game.

A. worse

B. bad

C. worst

It’s ________ (easy) for Vlad to remember new words in English.

A. easy

B. easily

C. easyly


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