Grammar Quiz

Adverb of Time Quiz


Put in the correct word.

The drive of the car had___injury.

A. serious

B. seriously

We are watching TV___.

A. there

B. now

C. on

D. down

Mark had a chicken sandwich as his breakfast this___.

A. morning

B. tomorrow

C. yesterday

D. lunch

Put in the correct word.

I think you behaved very___.

A. selfish

B. selfishly

I’ve been waiting___you.

A. long

B. since

C. for

D. far

Put in the correct word.

Mark is a singer and he sings___.

A. beautiful

B. beautifully

Put in the correct word.

If you think it’s horrible, why are you eating it so___?

A. hungry

B. hungrily

I love you___him.

A. soon

B. ago

C. after

D. before

The exam will start___8:00 am___ 9:00 am.

A. now…to

B. after…to

C. go…to

D. from…to

I haven’t been home___ two weeks.

A. since

B. till

C. fore

D. until

Put in the correct word.

She’s very young, but she sings and dances___.

A. beautifully

B. beautiful

Songkran Day will start___13rd___15th every year of April.

A. till…until

B. from…until

C. go…to

D. after…to

Put in the correct word.

He’s wonderful singer, but he dances___.

A. bad

B. badly

Put in the correct word.

I tired___to remember her name, but I couldn’t.

A. hardly

B. hard

I haven’t seen her___last year.

A. soom

B. soon

C. sin

D. since

Today I go to school___.

A. late

B. lately

C. last

D. ago

Put in the correct word.

They live in a big old house in Perth. They live___together.

A. happy

B. happily

I studied English___four years ago.

A. till

B. until

C. since

D. from

I will see you___.

A. ago

B. last week

C. yesterday

D. tomorrow

___I went to market with my mom.

A. Lunch

B. Tonight

C. Tomorrow

D. Yesterday


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