Grammar Quiz

Conditionals / Unreal Past Quiz


If Rebecca … his phone number before, she would have called him to ask for some medical supplies.

A. have learned

B. had learned

C. learned

D. learnt

I … more shopping in this best-selling store if things weren’t so expensive here.

A. would doing

B. did

C. would do

D. do

I wish you ….. (not give) him my phone number 2 days ago.

A. hadn`t given

B. gave

C. hadn`t gave

D. hadn`t give

If Jane … this medicine yesterday, she would have felt better.

A. take

B. took

C. taken

D. had taken

If I … their language, I would understand what they were saying about this celebrity.

A. had known

B. will know

C. know

D. knew

If only we ….. (have) a phone last time!

A. had had

B. had

C. have

D. has

If the weather were fine, they … out of town to some charity event.

A. go

B. would go

C. gone

D. had gone

I wish I ….. (know), what is wrong with my car.

A. knew

B. had known

C. know

D. knows

Jenny wishes she ….. to the circus yesterday.

A. would have gone

B. went

C. had gone

D. would go

They … let you on the plane unless you have a valid passport.

A. had

B. have

C. will

D. won`t

If I … noticed Nick, who was in awful mood, I would have stopped him.

A. –

B. have

C. had

D. would have

It will save us time and money if we … the hotel and flight together.

A. booked

B. had booked

C. book

D. will book

We … win the cup If we keep patrolling this animal well.

A. will

B. are

C. are winning

D. could have

I wish it ….. (not/be) so late. I don’t want to leave.

A. weren`t

B. wasn`t

C. isn`t

D. hadn`t been

If only he ….. (know) then that the disease was curable!

A. had knew

B. had know

C. knew

D. had known

It`s high time you ….. seriously about what you want to do with your life.

A. think

B. thought

C. had thought

D. to think

If I … you, I would support her.

A. was

B. had been

C. were

D. will be

If it hadn’t rained yesterday, we … on a trip with our volunteer team.

A. would have gone

B. have gone

C. would go

D. will have gone

If I knew his address, I … to him about the results of research.

A. would write

B. wrote

C. will write

D. write

We’ll just go to another location if this one … fully occupied.

A. is

B. will

C. will be

D. has


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