Basic Grammar Quiz


Some kids go (…) bus to school.

A. by

B. at

C. with

D. on

Here´s _____ ticket for the play.

A. Here´s ticket for the play.

B. Here´s an ticket for the play.

C. Here´s a ticket for the play.

______ any problems? No, everything is OK.

A. Is there

B. Are there

C. There are

D. There is

Excuse me. _______ a bank near here?

A. Is there

B. There is

C. Are there

D. There are

That dog lives just (…) the street.

A. opposite

B. across

C. ahead

D. over

There aren´t ____ peppers.

A. a

B. an

C. some

D. any

He´s ____ waiter.

A. He´s a waiter.

B. He´s waiter.

C. He´s an waiter.

Are you ______ student?

A. Are you student?

B. Are you a student?

C. Are you an student?

She´s _____ English teacher.

A. She´s English teacher.

B. She´s an English teacher.

C. She´s a English teacher.

_____ colour is a polar bear? It is white.

A. What

B. Where

C. When

D. Why


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