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He ________ the jewels unless he had had inside help.

A. could not have stolen

B. could have stolen

C. has stolen

D. will not have stolen

Unless the Prime Minister ______ him personally, he would not attend the function.

A. invites

B. invited

C. inviting

D. invite

A ______ cannot be overweight as he would need to ride a horse.

A. hosier

B. saddler

C. jockey

D. farrier

The ______ mentioned some interesting anecdotes on the displays as he was conducting the tour in his museum.

A. curator

B. manager

C. librarian

D. masseur

As a foreign student, Clyde needs a _______ to act on behalf of his parents who are in Taiwan.

A. matron

B. guardian

C. haberdasher

D. controller

The manager engaged the services of a celebrity to be the _____ for the opening ceremony.

A. novelist

B. draper

C. compere

D. foreman

Wendy took her sickly rabbit to the _____ for treatment.

A. doctor

B. surgeon

C. dentist

D. veterinarian

The remote control to the DVD player ________ unless you give it a shake.

A. will work

B. will not work

C. works

D. work

You_______ books from the National Library unless if you are a member.

A. can borrow

B. cannot borrow

C. are borrowing

D. borrowed

Debra works as a _______; one who records or writes in shorthand.

A. surveyor

B. pharmacist

C. stenographer

D. typist

If he is leaving at six, I ______ him to give me a lift.

A. will ask

B. ask

C. asked

D. asks

Gopal ______ the entire pizza all by himself if he could.

A. eats

B. will have eaten

C. would have eaten

D. has eaten

We might have been at the airport for hours, if we _______ that the flight was delayed.

A. had known

B. had not known

C. know

D. knew

The tourist gave the ______ some tips for carrying his luggage at the hotel.

A. potter

B. porter

C. salesman

D. undertaker

The ________ makes and sells cakes, pastries and sweets.

A. chocolatier

B. waitress

C. confectioner

D. farrier

The ________ received the final bid for the antique watch and declared it sold to Mr Foo.

A. auctioneer

B. umpire

C. stenographer

D. typist

Unless Miss Koh ______ to help out, the pupils cannot complete the project.

A. agrees

B. agree

C. agreeable

D. agreed

My sister ______ to Paris and shopped extravagantly if she had the means to do so.

A. gone

B. would have gone

C. went

D. goes

The ______ stood up to receive a bouquet from her actors for writing the heartwarming play.

A. director

B. producer

C. playwright

D. publicist


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