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The ________ makes and sells cakes, pastries and sweets.

A. chocolatier

B. waitress

C. confectioner

D. farrier

Gopal ______ the entire pizza all by himself if he could.

A. eats

B. will have eaten

C. would have eaten

D. has eaten

Wendy took her sickly rabbit to the _____ for treatment.

A. doctor

B. surgeon

C. dentist

D. veterinarian

As a foreign student, Clyde needs a _______ to act on behalf of his parents who are in Taiwan.

A. matron

B. guardian

C. haberdasher

D. controller

The remote control to the DVD player ________ unless you give it a shake.

A. will work

B. will not work

C. works

D. work

He ________ the jewels unless he had had inside help.

A. could not have stolen

B. could have stolen

C. has stolen

D. will not have stolen

You_______ books from the National Library unless if you are a member.

A. can borrow

B. cannot borrow

C. are borrowing

D. borrowed

Unless Miss Koh ______ to help out, the pupils cannot complete the project.

A. agrees

B. agree

C. agreeable

D. agreed

The ________ received the final bid for the antique watch and declared it sold to Mr Foo.

A. auctioneer

B. umpire

C. stenographer

D. typist

The ______ mentioned some interesting anecdotes on the displays as he was conducting the tour in his museum.

A. curator

B. manager

C. librarian

D. masseur

My sister ______ to Paris and shopped extravagantly if she had the means to do so.

A. gone

B. would have gone

C. went

D. goes

A ______ cannot be overweight as he would need to ride a horse.

A. hosier

B. saddler

C. jockey

D. farrier

The manager engaged the services of a celebrity to be the _____ for the opening ceremony.

A. novelist

B. draper

C. compere

D. foreman

The tourist gave the ______ some tips for carrying his luggage at the hotel.

A. potter

B. porter

C. salesman

D. undertaker

The ______ stood up to receive a bouquet from her actors for writing the heartwarming play.

A. director

B. producer

C. playwright

D. publicist

Debra works as a _______; one who records or writes in shorthand.

A. surveyor

B. pharmacist

C. stenographer

D. typist

We might have been at the airport for hours, if we _______ that the flight was delayed.

A. had known

B. had not known

C. know

D. knew

Unless the Prime Minister ______ him personally, he would not attend the function.

A. invites

B. invited

C. inviting

D. invite

If he is leaving at six, I ______ him to give me a lift.

A. will ask

B. ask

C. asked

D. asks


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