Grammar Quiz

Comparatives and Superlatives Quiz


That is the _________________ film I have seen this year.

A. good

B. best

C. more good

This book is _____ than the last one.

A. bored

B. boring

C. more boring

I went ___________ than my friend when we walked around the park.

A. far

B. farther

C. further

We need a ______________house.

A. bigger

B. big

C. biggest

I have three sisters. Jamilah is the __________ and Junaidah is the ____________________.

A. old, young

B. oldest, youngest

C. older, younger

That must be ___________ play ever written.

A. weird

B. the weirdest

C. weirder

Mustafa is _________ than Isaac.

A. funny

B. funnier

C. funniest

This pair of shoes is certainly better, but it is much __________.

A. expensive

B. more expensive

C. to expensive

Your horse ran the __________ of any horse in the race.

A. fastest

B. faster

C. fasterer

Our house is ____________________ than hers.

A. large

B. larger

C. largest

The ______________ they climbed, the ____________ it got.

A. higher, colder

B. highest , coldest

C. high, cold

The dolphin is ________ than the dog, but the chimpanzee is ____________.

A. intelligent, most intelligent.

B. most intelligent, intelligent.

C. more intelligent, the most intelligent.

The _________ you drive, the _____________ it is.

A. faster , more dangerous

B. fastly, more dangerous

C. fast, much dagerous

This is the ___________ bicycle I have ever seen.

A. small

B. smaller

C. smallest


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