Grammar Quiz

Basic Tenses Quiz


He _________ here three hours ago.

A. is leaving

B. left

C. have left

D. has left

The sun _________ in the East.

A. is rising

B. rose

C. has risen

D. rises

She _________ books now.

A. is reading

B. are reading

C. read

D. reads

My grandmother _________ 10 years ago.

A. has died

B. died

C. had died

D. was dying

When I was young, I _________ to be a teacher.

A. want

B. was wanting

C. had wanted

D. wanted

My brother _________ badminton.

A. usually plays

B. usually play

C. is usually playing

D. have usually played

I _________ to Ho Chi Minh City several times this year.

A. have been

B. was

C. were

D. had been

_________ you go to the zoo?

A. How often

B. How often do

C. How often does

D. How are

I _________ at school now.

A. am being

B. was being

C. was

D. am

Tim _________ a book when I came to his house.

A. is reading

B. read

C. was reading

D. reading

My mother _________ English for ten years.

A. has learnt

B. is learning

C. learn

D. learns

We _________ Peter since last Monday.

A. don’t see

B. haven’t seen

C. didn’t see

D. hadn’t seen


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