Grammar Quiz

Comparatives or Superlatives Quiz


English is … than Chinese.

A. more easy

B. easier

C. eassier

A computer is … than a mobile phone.

A. more expensive

B. expensiver

C. expenssiver

Now I’ve tried them on, these shoes are ___________I thought they were going to be.

A. more comfortable as

B. as comfortable

C. more comfortable than

D. more comfortable that

A bicycle is … than a motorbike.

A. more cheap

B. cheaper

C. more cheaper

Shark is the ___________ sea animal.

A. Kindest

B. Most friendly

C. Most dangerous

Cycling to work is ______than walking.

A. more quickly

B. quicker

C. more quick

D. quickly

Read the sentence and choose the correct one.

A. My sister is taller than me.

B. My sister is more taller than me.

C. My sister is more tall than me.

The Math test was the (easy) of all my final exams.

A. easier

B. easiest

C. more easy

D. most easy

A giraffe is ______ than a deer.

A. Shorter

B. Smarter

C. Taller

Read the sentence and choose the correct one.

A. The most intelligentest animal is the chimpanzee.

B. The intelligentest animal is the chimpanzee.

C. The most intelligent animal is the chimpanzee.

He is ____________________ than Luis.

A. taller

B. tall

C. tallest

D. talls

This is ___________ animal in the forest.

A. the rarest

B. the most rarest

C. rarer

D. the more rare

Cheetah is ______ than a lion.

A. Smaller

B. Bigger

C. Faster

Football is … than chess.

A. more excitting

B. excitinger

C. more exciting

SHARKS ARE THE _________________________ ANIMAL





the giraffe ___________ animal in the world

A. is the taller

B. are the taller

C. is the tallest

D. are the tallest

Who has __________________ story in our class?

A. the most interesting

B. more interesting

C. interesting

D. the more interesting

Skiing is … than basketball.

A. more dangerous

B. dangerouser

C. more dangerouse

The Rock is the____ actor in Hollywood

A. stronger

B. most stronger

C. strongest

D. more stronger

The turtle is the _______________________ animal

A. slower

B. slowest

C. fst

D. slowly

DOG ARE ___________________ THAN CATS





The cheetah is the___animal in the world

A. fast

B. most fast

C. fastest

D. more fast

The cactus is one of the____plants in the world

A. dangerousest

B. most dangerous

C. more dangerous

D. dangerous

The whale is___ animal in the ocean

A. the bigest

B. biggest

C. the biggest

D. the most big

Read the sentence and choose the correct one.

A. I think English homework is the easiest than history homework.

B. I think English homework is more easy than history homework.

C. I think English homework is easier than history homework.


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