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Comparatives, Superlatives & Equatives Quiz


Soccer is the _______sport to play.

A. more exciting

B. exciting

C. as exciting

D. most exciting

Claudia’s hair is _______ than her sister.

A. curlyer

B. curlier

C. curliest

D. more curly

Harry is the _______student in class.

A. happier

B. more healthy

C. most intelligent

D. intelligentest

Coldplay is the __________band in the world.

A. wonderfulest

B. more wonderful

C. most wonderful

D. wonderful

Yesterday was ________than today.

A. hoter

B. hottest

C. hotter

D. more hot

This pizza is the ________in the city.

A. tastier

B. more delicious

C. tastiest

D. most tasty

I got ________ than you because I forgot my umbrella.

A. weter

B. wettest

C. more wet

D. wetter

That is the ________ book I have ever read.

A. worst

B. baddest

C. longer

D. worstest

Helena is ________than Nancy.

A. more optimistic

B. most optimistic

C. happyer

D. optimistic

German is the _________language in the world.

A. easier

B. more interesting

C. most difficult

D. better

Dubai isn’t _______ as Seoul.

A. more crowded

B. most crowded

C. as crowded

D. crowded

My backpack is ________as yours.

A. heavy

B. as heavier

C. as heavy

D. heaviest

He is _________as his brother in soccer.

A. as best

B. as good

C. better

D. good

Martin is __________as Juan.

A. fast

B. as fast

C. faster

D. fastest

Swimming is _______as cycling.

A. as worse

B. as longest

C. as healthy

D. healthy


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