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Comparison of Adjective and Adverb Quiz


Non-smokers usually have a _____ life span than smokers.

A. long

B. longer

C. longest

D. more longer

Sydney Opera House is one of the _____ landmarks in Sydney.

A. famous

B. more famous

C. most famous

D. famously

Disneyland is _____ than any other amusement park in the world.

A. popular

B. more popular

C. more popularly

D. most popular

Mr Kominic Dimitrus is ranked the third ____ man in the world.

A. wealthy

B. wealthiest

C. most wealthy

D. most wealth

Mumbai is the _____ populated city in Asia.

A. denser

B. densely

C. most densely

D. dense

I visited the Swiss Alps last winter and had the ____ time of my life.

A. most wondrous

B. most wonder

C. most wonderfully

D. most wonderful

A wooden abode is _____ to build than a straw abode.

A. as challenging

B. more challenging

C. most challenging

D. more challenged

Which is the _____ creature in the world?

A. most harmless

B. more harmless

C. harmlessly

D. harmless

His mobile phone is not as _____ as mine.

A. trend

B. trendy

C. trendiness

D. more trendy

The Singapore Flyer is not as _____ as the London Eye.

A. taller

B. tallest

C. tall

D. more tall


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