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Connectives Quiz


To be a good musician, you need to practise a lot. _________, you need to join different competitions.

A. In short

B. For example

C. In addition

D. In all

Mum can sing in Korean ______ Japanese.

A. but

B. so that

C. when

D. or

Paul played tennis in the heavy rain. _______, he got sick.

A. Consequently

B. So

C. So that

D. Besides

You can read an English book. ______________, you can watch an English movie.

A. Alternatively

B. All in all

C. At first

D. At last

Wendy always bring her iPad to school _______________ she can play games during recess.

A. so

B. so that

C. so what

D. therefore

The weather was fine ___________ we went hiking.

A. so

B. so that

C. so far

D. so what

Mandy woke up with a cough. _________, she refused to see a doctor.

A. But

B. However

C. None the less

D. Although

Tommy was very angry ________ he shouted loudly.

A. so that

B. because

C. because of

D. so

_______________ the weather is getting hotter, we need to turn on the air conditioner.

A. Because

B. Since

C. As a result

D. Because of

Kelly answered the examination paper _________ the bell rang.

A. before

B. after

C. until

_________ I finished homework, the phone rang.

A. When

B. While

Jenny got COVID-19 _______ she still had parties.

A. however

B. therefore

C. but

D. so

John fainted ___________ Jane had accepted the proposal.

A. before

B. after

Jones should not study Chemistry. He should study Chinese History ________.

A. after all

B. for example

C. instead

D. alternatively

Raymond was doing sports ___________ Candy was reading.

A. when

B. while

______________ the hot weather, Louis drank a lot of water.

A. Because

B. Since

C. As

D. Because of

Winter in Canada is very cold. There can be snowstorms too. _______________, the weather in winter can be quite depressing in Canada.

A. To sum up

B. To you

C. To conclusion

D. In sum up

Natalie likes eating pork _________ beef.

A. and

B. or

C. but

D. so

The tuck shop should sell different kinds of snacks, ___________, egg puffs and waffles.

A. for students

B. furthermore

C. firstly

D. for instance

_________________ John proposed to Jane, he had practised for 1000 times.

A. Before

B. After


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