Grammar Quiz

Conditional Quiz


If I_________ to the cinema, I will finishmy homework

A. have gone

B. went

C. go

If it rains, we _________ the walk.

A. cancel

B. will cancel

C. won´t cancel

I will be mad if you ________ late again

A. don´t be

B. be

C. are

She________ an ice cream If she comes at time

A. would have aten

B. eaten

C. will eat

If I _______ you, I _______ a new job.

A. was/would get

B. were/ would get

C. were/get

D. were/will get

I didn’t study well so I failed the test.

A. I wish I studied well.

B. I wish I had studied well.

If I spoke English, I would ………… to complete my studies.

A. have been able

B. able to

C. be able to

If you __________ your vegetables, you will lead a healthier life.

A. ate

B. had eaten

C. eat

D. don’t eat

If Jake had studied, he wouldn’t ……………….. the test.

A. have failed

B. fail

If Omar …………. more exercise, he would be fitter.

A. didn’t do

B. did

C. hadn’t done

If I had time, I _________watch a series on Netflix

A. would

B. will

C. won´t

If he___(help) us yesterday, We ___(win) the tournament.

A. helped,would won

B. helps,would won

C. helped,would wons

D. helps,would wins

If Johnny_____(not wear) a sweater, He___(catch)a cold .

A. don’t wear,catches

B. don’t wear,catch

C. doesn’t wear,will catch

D. doesn’t wear,will catches

If he_______ for my test, I ______have better grades

A. studies/ will

B. had study / have

C. studied / would

If you _________________ (have) a better job, we _________________ (be) able to buy a new car

A. had/will be

B. had/would be

C. had/was

D. have/would be

If we _________________ (win) the lottery, we _________________ (travel) the world.

A. won/would travel

B. won/will travel

C. win/would travel

D. win/could travel

If tomorrow is sunny, we__________to the countryside

A. won´t go

B. will go

C. would go

She _________________ (call) him if she _________________ (know) his number.

A. called/could know

B. would know/know

C. called/would know

D. would call/knew

If you _________them, they will surely feel upset

A. don´t invite

B. invite

C. invites

If you___(have)lunch,

You___(not stomachache).
A. have,doesn’t stomachache

B. have,don’t stomachache

C. will has,didn’t stomachache

D. have,won’t stomachache

If I _______ enough money, I ________ a big house.

A. had/would buy

B. had/buy

C. would have/bought

D. had/bought

If I _________travel, I would go to London

A. would

B. could

C. will

If he ________ younger, he _________ travel more.

A. were/would travel

B. was/will travel

C. was/would travel

D. would be/travelled

She will be really excited if we _________her a nice present

A. gives

B. give

C. will give

If I _________________ (speak) perfect English, I _________________ (have) a good job.

A. spoke/could have

B. spoke/will have

C. speak/would have

D. speak/could have


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