Grammar Quiz

Conditional Quiz


If we … the news last night, we wouldn’t have known about the strike.

A. didn’t see

B. haven’t seen

C. don’t see

D. hadn’t seen

If you___(have)lunch,

You___(not stomachache).
A. have,doesn’t stomachache

B. have,don’t stomachache

C. will has,didn’t stomachache

D. have,won’t stomachache

You _________________ (lose) weight if you _________________ (eat) less.

A. lost/would eat

B. lost/ate

C. would lose/ate

D. would lose/would eat

If she _________ always so late, she _________ promoted.

A. was/would be

B. was not/would be

C. was not/will be

D. was/won’t be

Teacher Pood _____(punish) you,If you____(wear) a short skirt.

A. will punish,wears

B. will punish,wear

C. will punishes,wear

D. will punishes,wears

She _________________ (be) happier if she _________________ (have) more friends.

A. would be/had

B. was/would be

C. is/would be

D. will be/had

If we ________ not friends, I _______ angry.

A. are/would be

B. be/would be

C. was/would be

D. were/would be

We never _________________ (be) late again if we _________________ (buy) a new car.

A. would be/bought

B. would be/would buy

C. were/would buy

D. were/bought

We _________________ (come) to dinner if we _________________ (have) time.

A. would come/had

B. would come/have

C. could come/have

D. came/could have

Your homework _____(finish),If you____(not lazy).

A. will finish,don’t lazy

B. will finish,doesn’t lazy

C. will finishes,don’t lazy

D. will finishes,not lazy

If she _________________ (pass) the exam, she _________________ (be) able to enter university.

A. passed/will be

B. will pass/would be

C. pass/would be

D. passed/would be

If I _________________ (speak) perfect English, I _________________ (have) a good job.

A. spoke/could have

B. spoke/will have

C. speak/would have

D. speak/could have


If she_____(intend).
A. will be,intends

B. will be,intend

C. be,intends

D. be,intended

If he ________ younger, he _________ travel more.

A. were/would travel

B. was/will travel

C. was/would travel

D. would be/travelled

If we _________________ (win) the lottery, we _________________ (travel) the world.

A. won/would travel

B. won/will travel

C. win/would travel

D. win/could travel

If Sarah_____(study)hard,

She_____(pass) the exam.
A. studying,passes

B. studies,passes

C. studies,will pass

D. will study,passed

Yuta___(love) you if you____(be)me.

A. will love,be

B. will loves,be

C. will love,were

D. will loves,were

If he___(help) us yesterday, We ___(win) the tournament.

A. helped,would won

B. helps,would won

C. helped,would wons

D. helps,would wins

If I _______ you, I _______ a new job.

A. was/would get

B. were/ would get

C. were/get

D. were/will get

If the lifeguard … sooner, he would have saved the boy’s life.

A. arrived

B. had arrived

C. would arrive

D. arrives

They _________________ (go) to Spain on holiday if they _______________ (like) hot weather.

A. could go/liked

B. could go/like

C. would go/like

D. went/could like

I _________________ (marry) someone famous if I _________________ (be) a movie star.

A. would marry/was

B. would marry/were

C. would marry/would be

D. married/would be

She____(fat) if she____(eat) a lot

A. will fat,eat

B. will fat,eats

C. will fat,eaten

D. would fat ,eaten

If I _______ enough money, I ________ a big house.

A. had/would buy

B. had/buy

C. would have/bought

D. had/bought

She _________________ (call) him if she _________________ (know) his number.

A. called/could know

B. would know/know

C. called/would know

D. would call/knew


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