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Conditional Quiz


We never _________________ (be) late again if we _________________ (buy) a new car.

A. would be/bought

B. would be/would buy

C. were/would buy

D. were/bought

You _________________ (lose) weight if you _________________ (eat) less.

A. lost/would eat

B. lost/ate

C. would lose/ate

D. would lose/would eat

It is time to leave for work.

A. It’s time I left for work.

B. It’s time I leave for work.

If he___(help) us yesterday, We ___(win) the tournament.

A. helped,would won

B. helps,would won

C. helped,would wons

D. helps,would wins

If I _______ you, I _______ a new job.

A. was/would get

B. were/ would get

C. were/get

D. were/will get

I don’t have a car.

A. I wish I had had a car.

B. I wish I had a car.

Salma didn’t practise a lot, so she didn’t win the contest.

A. If Salma hadn’t practised a lot, she wouldn’t have won the contest.

B. If Salma had practiced a lot, she would have won the contest.

She _________________ (call) him if she _________________ (know) his number.

A. called/could know

B. would know/know

C. called/would know

D. would call/knew

If we ________ not friends, I _______ angry.

A. are/would be

B. be/would be

C. was/would be

D. were/would be

She____(fat) if she____(eat) a lot

A. will fat,eat

B. will fat,eats

C. will fat,eaten

D. would fat ,eaten

If he ________ younger, he _________ travel more.

A. were/would travel

B. was/will travel

C. was/would travel

D. would be/travelled

If Jake had studied, he wouldn’t ……………….. the test.

A. have failed

B. fail

We _________________ (buy) a house if we _________________ (decide) to stay here.

A. could buy/decide

B. would buy/decide

C. would buy/decided

D. bought/would decide

If he studies hard, he ………….. the exam next week.

A. will pass

B. won’t pass

C. would pass

If we … the news last night, we wouldn’t have known about the strike.

A. didn’t see

B. haven’t seen

C. don’t see

D. hadn’t seen

I didn’t study well so I failed the test.

A. I wish I studied well.

B. I wish I had studied well.

If she _________________ (pass) the exam, she _________________ (be) able to enter university.

A. passed/will be

B. will pass/would be

C. pass/would be

D. passed/would be

Which sentence is correct?

A. I would rather we don’t arrvie late.

B. I would rather we didn’t arrive late.

If Johnny_____(not wear) a sweater, He___(catch)a cold .

A. don’t wear,catches

B. don’t wear,catch

C. doesn’t wear,will catch

D. doesn’t wear,will catches

They _________________ (have) more money if they _________________ (not / buy) so many clothes

A. had/wouldn’t buy

B. wouldn’t buy/didn’t bought

C. will have/bought

D. would have/didn’t buy

If we _________________ (win) the lottery, we _________________ (travel) the world.

A. won/would travel

B. won/will travel

C. win/would travel

D. win/could travel

If Sarah_____(study)hard,

She_____(pass) the exam.
A. studying,passes

B. studies,passes

C. studies,will pass

D. will study,passed

If Omar …………. more exercise, he would be fitter.

A. didn’t do

B. did

C. hadn’t done

If you___(have)lunch,

You___(not stomachache).
A. have,doesn’t stomachache

B. have,don’t stomachache

C. will has,didn’t stomachache

D. have,won’t stomachache

If I _______ enough money, I ________ a big house.

A. had/would buy

B. had/buy

C. would have/bought

D. had/bought


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