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Modals Quiz


If I…..leave work early because I don’t feel well, I can do that without a problem.

A. supposed to

B. can

C. need to

D. have to

She __________ really hard. She passed all her exams with excellent grades.

A. must have studied

B. should have studied

C. might have studied

D. can’t have studied

At our school, we ____________ do exams at the end of every term.

A. shouldn’t

B. must

C. mustn’t

D. should

You _________wear a jacket because it`s cold outside.

A. must

B. should

C. would

D. will

They _____ write a critique of “The Scarlet Letter.” They ____ give a presentation to their class.

A. didn’t have to ; had to

B. had to ; had to

C. have to; have to

D. didn’t have to ; didn’t have to

You _______ Cook now, i have already cooked the dinner.

A. Mustn’t

B. Can’t

C. Don’t have to

You…… to her like that, she is your mother.

A. have to

B. don’t have

C. must

D. mustn’t

You ________ call a baby sitter.

A. don’t have to

B. mustn’t

C. shouldn’t

D. can’t

Mary should have done her homework last night instead of watching television.

A. Mary did her homework instead of watching television last night.

B. Mary didn’t watch television and do her homework last night.

C. Mary watched television and did her homework last night.

D. Mary watched television and didn’t do her homework last night.

I looked everywhere for my glasses but I _________________ find them anywhere.

A. can

B. weren’t able to

C. be able to

D. couldn’t

Which is correct?

A. Could you please be quiet?

B. May you please be quiet?

Is it possible for me to come to your house at about 7pm?

A. Will I come to your house at about 7pm?

B. Can I come to your house at about 7pm?  

C. Could I be coming to your house at about 7pm?

D. Must I come over to your house at about 7pm?  

Which modal is used to express an action to be done in the future?

A. may

B. will

C. shall

D. should

When Dan was 16, he ____________ run 100 metre in 11 seconds.

A. can

B. can’t

C. could

D. couldn’t

Would you like me to take your coat to the cleaner’s?

A. Could I take your coat to the cleaner’s?

B. Shall I take your coat to the cleaner’s?

Jane is German, so she ___ speak spanish fluently.

A. shouldn’t

B. should

C. must

D. can’t

We ____ to your house next week

A. come

B. will come

C. came

D. have come

Hello. _____ I speak to Mrs Johnson, please?

A. May

B. Will

C. Had

I think you ……… go out more and meet new people.

A. can

B. may

C. should

D. must

You have been driving all day. You ______ be really tired.

A. must

B. may

C. can’t

In the end, I … persuade my dad to buy me a scooter.

A. managed to

B. will be able to

Which modal is used to ask for permission and to express a possibility and a request?

A. should

B. could

C. would

D. will

You _____ better in a few days, as long as you get lots of rest.

A. ought to feel

B. should have felt

C. must feel

D. can feel

She cannot stay out after 10 PM.

A. ability

B. opportunity

C. permission

D. request

I just ____ accept your offer.

A. might

B. may


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