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Modals Quiz


Since they aren’t answering the phone, they _____.

A. need have left

B. can’t have left

C. must have left

D. should have left

Nick……play with matches. (fire)

A. must

B. must not

….. you please phone me in the evening?

A. Should

B. Could

You ____ well be right

A. may

B. might

That computer is really really cheap. It ___ original

A. can´t be

B. won´t be

C. shouldn´t be

When my dad saw the cow on the way, he immediately stopped. They ___

A. could have died

B. could die

C. might die

D. could be dying

You _____ accept Tina’s proposal.




It’s a great film. You _______________ go and see it. You’ll really like it.

A. had better

B. should

A: I got a cross because I forgot to do my homework.

B: You _________ have forgotten to do your homework.

A. may not

B. should not

C. must not

D. might not

I think you ……… go out more and meet new people.

A. can

B. may

C. should

D. must

I was feeling sick yesterday. I _____________ eat anything.

A. can

B. can’t

C. could

D. couldn’t

I can sleep late tomorrow morning because I ________________ go to work.

A. mustn’t

B. don’t have to

C. doesn’t have to

what modal expresses future plans?

A. should

B. will

C. must

I’m sorry I’m late. I ________ my friend to the airport.

A. muat have take

B. had better take

C. had to take

D. should have take

I’m sure that’s Ellen’s sister. They look so alike.

That __________ Ellen’s sister. They look so alike.

A. Must be

B. Might be

C. May be

Jonathan ………. ski really wel

A. can

B. may

C. should

D. must

They ________ surely come once they had finished their work.

A. would

B. will

C. won’t

D. may

I’m afraid I ____________ come to your party next week.

A. can

B. can’t

C. could

D. couldn’t

My dad….wear a uniform for his job as a security officer at the airport.

A. could

B. have to

C. has to

D. can

I _____ eat my dinner last night. My stomach hurt.




Nadal ___ play tennis very well.

A. May

B. Can

C. Should

It is imperative that your facebook password _____ confidential.

A. need keeping

B. need to keep

C. needs to be kept

D. needed keeping

I think everybody ________________ learn a foreign language.

A. had better

B. should

The Grade 5 class will have a quiz in English this afternoon. The sentence expresses

A. a request

B. a permission

C. a certainty

D. an obligation

You ___ smoke in a hospital.

A. mustn’t

B. don’t have to


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