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Conditional and Mix Conditional Sentence Quiz


The people in Ukraine would live in peace if ….

A. Russian hadnt invaded the country

B. Russian hadnt invade the country

C. Russian doesnt invade the country

D. Russian is not invaded the country

If I had been phoned by your father earlier, ….

A. I would have helped you

B. I will help you

C. I helped you

D. I help you

if she were a good woman,

A. she will not do it

B. she doesnt do it

C. she couldnt do it

D. she would not have done it

if Utami hadn’t slit her children’s throat, ….

A. She will not in Jail now

B. She is not in Jail now

C. She would not be in Jail now

D. She would not have been in Jail

My uncle would have got the prize if ….

A. he had train hard last week

B. he trained hard last week

C. he had trained hard last week

D. he trains hard last week

if I had bought the ticket to Lombok last week, ….

A. I will be on plane now

B. I would be on plane now

C. I am on plane now

D. I have been on plane

The fish would not be eaten by a cat if ….

A. I dont dry it on the roof

B. I didnt dried it on the roof

C. I had dried it on the roof

D. I hadnt dried it on the roof

I cant join zoom if I …. late

A. wakes up

B. wake up

C. woken up

D. waking up

My mother will be angry if …

A. I bought ice cream

B. I buy ice cream

C. I had bought ice cream

D. I will buy ice cream

Mr. Smith would not slap Chris if ….

A. Chris mocks his wife

B. Chris mocked his wife

C. Chris didnt mock his wife

D. Chris had not mocked his wife

I and my fiance would have got married in Februari if ….

A. his parents have been in Indonesia

B. his parents are in Indonesia

C. his parents had been in Indonesia

D. his parents were in Indonesia

The glass would not be broken if ….

A. Ronald doesnt play football here

B. Ronald hasnt played football here

C. Ronald hadnt played football here

D. Ronald not playd football here

The boy would not fall to the river if he didnt stand by the river

A. type 0

B. type 1

C. type 2

D. type 3

my mother could be a professional cook if ….

A. she had taken Cooking class

B. she taken cooking class

C. she is taking cooking class

D. she takes cooking class

If he had much money, ….

A. he would contribute in that charity event last month

B. he would have contributed in that charity event last month

C. he will contribute in that charity event

D. he contributes in that charity event

If Rafflesia smelled good, ….

A. it would have been grown in the yard

B. it will be grown in the yard

C. it is grown in the yard

D. it has been grown in the yard

The debt collector would not look for him if ….

A. he had paid his debts

B. he pays his debts

C. he had been paid his debts

D. he paid his debts


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