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Continuous and Perfect Tenses Quiz


I __________ to five countries by the time I was ten.

A. went

B. had been

C. had gone

Janet should be here by now. She must _______________ to the shop on her way.

A. have gone

B. be going

C. go

I felt so ill. I must ____________ two bottles of wine.

A. be drinking

B. have drunk

C. have been drinking

What ___________ this time yesterday?

A. did you do

B. had you done

C. were you doing?

She _____________ Jason for over a year before her husband found out.

A. had seen

B. had been seeing

C. has been seeing

They__________________ over 40 kilometers and still there was no sign of the oasis.

A. are walking

B. had been walking

C. have been walking

This time next week I ______________ on the beach in Thailand.

A. will lie

B. will have been lying

C. will be lying

I _____________ in London at the time at the time I met Marcia.

A. was living

B. have been living

C. lived

What books ____________ at the moment?

A. are you reading

B. do you read

C. have you read

In April I _______________ here for exactly ten years.

A. will have been working

B. will work

C. will be working

I hope I __________ by the time I’m 60.

A. will retire

B. will have retired

C. will be retiring

How many books __________ this year?

A. are you reading

B. did you read

C. have you read


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