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Zero & First Conditional Quiz


Do you want to live in a pretty country cottage with a big garden ______?

A. when you get retired

B. if you will get retired

C. when you got retired

D. if you won’t get retired

We will be away from everything we need ______ a place in the center of town.

A. if we don’t get

B. if we will get

C. if we get

D. if we won’t get

A home with a patio roof could be suitable for you if you ______ afford to buy a house with a garden.

A. won’t

B. will

C. don’t

D. may

If your flat ______ a big balcony, you ______ plants there.

A. will have/grow

B. won’t have/will grow

C. has/are growing

D. has/could grow

Unless you are a very big family, ______ .

A. you do not have to live in a big house

B. you needed a small house

C. you should live in a big house

D. you did not need a small house

What will you do ______ noisy neighbours?

A. if you will have

B. if you have

C. unless you have

D. when you had

A tiny house will become messy quickly ______.

A. if you are not a messy person

B. unless you are a messy person

C. if you are not a tidy person

D. unless you were messy

If you don’t have air-conditioning in your flat, you ______ hot this summer.

A. would get

B. may get

C. could not get

D. do not get

Do you need so much furniture when ______ in a small space?

A. you will live

B. you lived

C. you won’t live

D. you live

Who do you talk to ______?

A. unless you feel alone

B. when you feel alone

C. if you will feel alone

D. when you felt alone

I drink a cup of coffee in my balcony ______.

A. if I am tired

B. unless I am tired

C. If I will be tired

D. when I won’t be tired

If you get a studio, you ______ a lot of rooms to clean.

A. will have

B. had

C. won’t have

D. are having


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