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Countable Quantifiers Quiz


I want to watch a concert. There are no empty seats in the front row, but there are ________ available seats in the back.

A. little

B. a little

C. a few

D. few

which option is the most one ?

A. She’s got hardly any cousins

B. She’s got a few cousins.

C. She’s got loads of cousins.

D. She’s got several cousins.

The Quantifier “SOME” can be used both for countable and uncountable nouns.

A. Correct

B. Incorrect

I like to have ______ orange and ______apple.

A. some and an

B. an and an

C. a and a

…………………. of us are going out later. Only two or three.

A. Hardly any

B. Loads of

C. Plenty

D. None

Only _________ people attended the seminar yesterday so it’s very quiet.

A. little

B. much

C. few

D. many

She took __________ books with her while going on holiday but she read only a few of them during her stay.

A. many

B. plenty

C. several

D. a good deal of

In the sentence ” There’s too much noise”, the word “noise” is _______

A. Plural

B. Pronoun

C. Uncountable

D. Countable

In the sentence “There’s too much noise”, the word “noise” is

A. much

B. a

C. many

D. a little

Which word CANNOT go in the space.
Can I have five ______, please?

A. bananas

B. juice

C. tea

D. apples

I have to rush as I don’t have ______ time left.

A. many

B. much

C. a little

D. some

There isn’t ___ rice here.

A. some

B. anyone

C. a

D. any

Juan can’t go to USA alone. He speaks _______ English

A. a little

B. a few

C. few

D. little

How are you today, guys?

A. Awesome

B. Great. Its amazing day

C. I am Hanging in There

D. Feels dizzy

They have had ________homework in mathematics recently.

A. a lot

B. much

C. lots of

D. many

We need to buy vegetable oil now. There’s only _______ of it left. We are going to fry the chips.

A. a little

B. few

C. a few

D. little

Buy ______ bread and cheese for the picnic if you want to help.

A. any

B. many

C. some

D. such


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