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Countable Quantifiers Quiz


…………………. of us are going out later. Only two or three.

A. Hardly any

B. Loads of

C. Plenty

D. None

The Quantifier “SOME” can be used both for countable and uncountable nouns.

A. Correct

B. Incorrect

Which word CANNOT go in the space.
Can I have five ______, please?

A. bananas

B. juice

C. tea

D. apples

I like to have ______ orange and ______apple.

A. some and an

B. an and an

C. a and a

We need to buy vegetable oil now. There’s only _______ of it left. We are going to fry the chips.

A. a little

B. few

C. a few

D. little

In the sentence “There’s too much noise”, the word “noise” is

A. much

B. a

C. many

D. a little

In the sentence ” There’s too much noise”, the word “noise” is _______

A. Plural

B. Pronoun

C. Uncountable

D. Countable

I want to watch a concert. There are no empty seats in the front row, but there are ________ available seats in the back.

A. little

B. a little

C. a few

D. few

Juan can’t go to USA alone. He speaks _______ English

A. a little

B. a few

C. few

D. little

She took __________ books with her while going on holiday but she read only a few of them during her stay.

A. many

B. plenty

C. several

D. a good deal of

There isn’t ___ rice here.

A. some

B. anyone

C. a

D. any

How are you today, guys?

A. Awesome

B. Great. Its amazing day

C. I am Hanging in There

D. Feels dizzy

Buy ______ bread and cheese for the picnic if you want to help.

A. any

B. many

C. some

D. such

which option is the most one ?

A. She’s got hardly any cousins

B. She’s got a few cousins.

C. She’s got loads of cousins.

D. She’s got several cousins.

They have had ________homework in mathematics recently.

A. a lot

B. much

C. lots of

D. many

I have to rush as I don’t have ______ time left.

A. many

B. much

C. a little

D. some

Only _________ people attended the seminar yesterday so it’s very quiet.

A. little

B. much

C. few

D. many


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