Grammar Quiz

Determiners Quiz


I’m hungry,_____ I have to cook.

A. But

B. And

C. So

D. Because

Jeff: _________ party isn’t fun.

Jeff: Shall we go home?

A. This

B. That

C. These

D. Those

Do you want ____________ cookies?

A. any

B. some

____ Moon is Earth’s only natural satellite.

A. The

B. A

Isabelle doesn’t have money,_______ she has to walk home.

A. But

B. So

C. Because

D. And

I bought this car a ___ years ago.

A. few

B. little

But then they looked online and they found_____ of games to choose from

A. Plenty

B. Several

C. Some

I can’t do my homework _______ I don’t have time.

A. Because

B. So

C. And

D. But

He said that there weren’t _______ action games in the shop at the moment

A. Plenty

B. Several

C. Any

There are too____ children playing in the playground.

A. much

B. many

I prefer to play soccer ________ I don’t like to play baseball.

A. So

B. And

C. But

D. Because

Is this ____ book?

A. your

B. you

Jake, __________ is my friend Rita!

A. that

B. these

C. those

D. this

How ___ time do you need to finish this work?

A. many

B. much

They wanted to buy ______ computer games for my brother and me

A. much

B. some

C. plenty

There was an animal game, but he didn’t think it would be _______ fun for me

A. No

B. Much

C. Many

Do you like ___ toys?

A. this

B. these

It’s raining,______ I need a raincoat.

A. But

B. And

C. So

D. Because

She likes to read,______ she doesn’t have reading books.

A. Because

B. And

C. So

D. But

There are so ______ games to choose from

A. Much

B. Many

C. A lot of

Mr. Arun is____ doctor.

A. a

B. an

He told them that ______ two games are exactly the same

A. Many

B. No

C. Much

Last week my parents visited ___________ shops

A. any

B. no

C. several

There aren’t ________ trains running now

A. some

B. any

There are __ biscuits in the plate.

A. a few

B. a little


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