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Past Perfect and Past Perfect Continuous Tense Quiz


Her eyes were red. It was obvious that she _____ (cry).

A. had cried

B. have cried

C. had been crying

D. cried

I was very nervous while holding my speech. I ________ (never stand) in front of so many people.

A. had never been standing

B. had been standing never

C. hadn’t been standing never

D. hadn’t never been standing

We _________ (prepare) him for this race for months before he decided to quit.

A. had preparing

B. had prepared

C. had been prepared

D. had been preparing

I __________(try) to win your mother’s heart for months before she finally agreed to go out with me.

A. had been tried

B. had been trying

C. had tried

D. had trying

She ________ (teach) chemistry before she became a journalist.

A. had teached

B. had been teached

C. had been taught

D. had been teaching

I assumed you ________ paying for the repairs until the end of last year.

A. have been

B. are being

C. had been

D. was been

When I first met Ann, she _____ (work) in Samsung for 15 years.

A. had been working

B. have been working

C. worked

D. had worked

And then finally, after he told me everything, I realised what _________ (happen) to him when he was a little boy.

A. had happening

B. had been happened

C. had happened

D. had been happening

I ___________ (wait) for her for hours before she came.

A. had been waiting

B. has been waiting

C. had been waited

D. had waited

The doctor asked me how long _______ (have) the symptoms before I came to check it.

A. had having

B. had been had

C. had been have

D. had been having

I was really relieved when I found the documents. I _________ (look for) them whole morning.

A. had looked for

B. had been looked

C. had been looked for

D. had been looking for

Jenny was annoyed. Jim _______ (call) her every night for the whole week!

A. called

B. had been calling

C. has been calling

D. had called


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