Grammar Quiz

Gerund and Infinitive Quiz


She plans ________________ (buy) a new flat next year.

A. to buying

B. buying

C. buy

D. to buy

Which of the following is/are correct?

a) I love playing basketball.
b) I’d love playing some basketball.
c) I’d love to play some basketball.

A. a

B. a and b

C. a and c

D. b and c

He managed _______________ (open) the door without the key.

A. to open

B. open

C. opening

We decided ________________ (leave).

A. leaving

B. to leaving

C. to leave

He suggested__________________ (stay) at the Grand Hotel.

A. stay

B. to stay

C. staying

He admitted _____________ (cheat) on the test.

A. to cheat

B. cheating

C. cheat

He can’t help __________________ (talk) so loudly.

A. talk

B. to talk

C. talking

She considered ________________ (move) to New York.

A. moving

B. move

C. to move

She agreed ________________ (give) a presentation at the meeting.

A. to giving

B. to give

C. give

D. giving

I enjoyed _______________ (live) in France.

A. to living

B. living

C. to live

She avoided ___________________ (talking) to her boss.

A. talking

B. to talking

C. talk

D. to talk

The guard refused ___________________ (let) them enter the building.

A. let

B. to let

C. to letting

D. letting

He imagines ___________________ (work) there one day.

A. to work

B. work

C. to working

D. working


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