Grammar Quiz

Gerund and Infinitives Quiz


It´s difficult ____ people´s names in a big class.

A. not to forget

B. not forguetting

C. forget

Be ready____ your passport at chech-in

A. showing

B. to show

C. show

_____________ teenagers is very hard work.

A. teaching

B. teach

C. to teach

One thing that always makes me happy is _______ in the sea

A. swimming

B. to swim

C. swim

I know you are tired, but try ____ asleep during the film!

A. not falling

B. not to fall

C. not fall

I hate _________ the first to arrive at parties.

A. be

B. being

C. to be

___________ Pilates is good for you.

A. Doing

B. Do

C. To do

You can´t learn to play a musical instrument well without ____ regularly

A. practise

B. practising

C. to practise

We were late, so Simon offered ___ us a lift to the airport

A. to give

B. give

C. giving

___________ by train is usually cheaper than by plane

A. travel

B. to travel

C. travelling

I´ll go on ______ for as long as I can – I love being a student

A. study

B. to study

C. studying

My sister spends hours on the phone _____ her friends

A. to text

B. text

C. texting

In some countries it´s important ____ correctly in public.

A. dress

B. to dress

C. dressing

Do we need______dollars at the airport?

A. to buy some

B. buying

C. buy

My mother´s very bad at ___ names

A. remember

B. to remember

C. remembering


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