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Gerund or to Infinitive Quiz


My cat detests ______ its feet wet.

A. dipping

B. to dip

C. to get

D. getting

Can you imagine ________ our assignments before we leave?

A. To finish

B. Finishing

C. Finish

D. Finished

They didn’t _____ to Bali last week

A. Go

B. To go

C. Going

D. Goes

He is saving money ______ a new car

A. Bought

B. Buy

C. Buying

D. To buy

At campus, the students are not allowed ________

A. Smoke

B. Smoking

C. Smoked

D. To smoke

He blamed me ____ damaging the CD player.

A. Of

B. For

C. At

D. In

Did you manage_________ your first day in the gym this year?

A. survival

B. survive

C. to survive

D. surviving

We regret…

A. to say we cannot attend the next meeting.

B. saying we cannot attend the next meeting.

C. said we cannot attend the next meeting.

D. way we cannot attend the next meeting.

I’m trying really hard ______ this text.

A. to understand

B. understand

C. understanding

D. understood

She is busy ________ for the exams

A. To prepare

B. Preparing

C. Prepares

D. Prepare

A : Do you remember _________ me JK Rowling’s latest book?

В: Yes, I do. You haven’t given it back yet.

A. to lend

B. borrowing

C. to borrow

D. lending

Sorry, I don’t feel like _________ anything energetic today.

A. to do

B. doing

C. to make

D. making

The society urge the government __________ decisions toward some problems

A. Taking

B. Takes

C. To take

D. Took

My teacher said my essay ________ collecting today.

A. To need

B. Needing

C. Needed

D. Needs

I always eat breakfast before ________ to school.

A. Going

B. To go

C. Go

D. Goes

We plan ______ to Europe this summer

A. To go

B. Go

C. Going

D. Goes

When did you ________ playing the piano yesterday?

A. Practices

B. Practise

C. To practice

D. Practicing

Aliando is fond of _________ party

A. Having

B. Have

C. To have

D. Has

________ a new language can be very interesting

A. Learnt

B. To learn

C. Learning

D. Learn

I’m very excited ______ attending tomorrow’s game.

A. After

B. About

C. In

D. When

I used ________ that television show all the time.

A. To watch

B. Watched

C. Watching

D. To watching

I hope _______ parachuting this weekend

A. to go

B. going

C. to do

D. doing

A: I can’t get the printer to work.

B: Try ______ it. It might work.

A. restart

B. to restart

C. restarted

D. restarting

The environmental group hopes ______ the forest to its original condition by the end of the decade.

A. having restored

B. to be restored

C. to restore

D. have restored

She often stops

A. feeding the birds on her way home.

B. fed the birds on her way home.

C. feed the birds on her way home.

D. to fee the birds on her way home.


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