Grammar Quiz

Gerunds and Infitinitives Quiz


I think Jessica should study architecture. She’s very good at ______. (draw)

A. drawing

B. to draw

I don’t really feel like ________ tonight. Let’s go out for dinner. (cook)

A. cooking

B. to cook

My parents would like me _________ medicine. (study)

A. to study

B. studying

Are you going to go on ______ English here next year? (study)

A. studying

B. to study

______ late at night always makes me ____ badly. (eat / sleep)

A. Eating/sleep

B. Eating/ to sleep

I think it would be very stressful ______ your own business. (run)

A. to run

B. running

If they can save enough money, they’re hoping _______ to Miami for their honeymoon. (go)

A. to go

B. going

Emily’s parents aren’t strict enough with her. They let her _____ whatever she likes. (do)

A. do

B. to do

I’m really busy right now. Would you mind ________ me back in about five minutes? (call)

A. to call

B. calling

Angela asked her brother ______ her a lift into town. (give)

A. to give

B. giving

We decided ________ her a birthday present because we weren’t sure what she wanted. We just gave her some money. (not buy)

A. not buying

B. not to buy

Josh pretended ________ the shirt his granny had bought him, but really he thought it was horrible. (like)

A. to like

B. liking

Have you ever thought of ________ back to live in Edinburgh, or are you happy in London? (go

A. going

B. to go

My boss told me she wanted _____ to me in her office. (speak)

A. speaking

B. to speak

Toby was sacked because he kept _____ late for work. (arrive)

A. arriving

B. to arrive

My neighbour offered ________ my children while I went shopping. (look after)

A. looking after

B. to look after

Have you ever thought about _______ yoga or Pilates? They’re very good if you have problems with your back. (do)

A. doing

B. to do

I was really surprised ______ that Lucy and Adam have separated. I thought that they were very happy. (hear)

A. to hear

B. hearing

_______ overtime is exhausting. Last night, I finished work at 9.00 and I started again this morning at 8.00. (do)

A. Doing

B. To do

Do you think you’d like _______ with children, or would you find it too stressful? (work)

A. to work

B. working


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