Grammar Quiz

Present Perfect vs Past Simple Quiz


I ______ to Spain two years ago.

A. gone

B. have gone

C. went

D. go

They _____ married last summer.

A. get

B. have got

C. gotten

D. got

Pilar ______ twenty pages of text since yesterday.

A. wrote

B. has been writing

C. has written

D. has wrote

I _____ my best friend when I was a child.

A. meet

B. met

C. have met

D. meeted

I have been studying English _____ seven years.

A. Since

B. Yet

C. Ever

D. For

She _______ her homework.

A. finished

B. finishes

C. has finished

D. finish

I _____ this film already, so I’m not going to the cinema with you.

A. saw

B. have seen

C. haven’t seen

D. seed

The past participle (third column) of the verb drink is _____

A. Drank

B. Drunk

C. Drunken

D. Drinken

My family ________ to Uruguay two years ago.

A. Has traveled

B. Traveled

C. Have traveled

D. Has been traveling

Uzupełnij zdanie:

“My sister _______ me since last September.”

A. didn’t visit

B. hasn’t visit

C. hasn’t visited

D. didn’t visited

Uzupełnij zdanie:

“_________ the TV before going to bed last night?”

A. Have you returned

B. Did you turned off

C. Did you turn off

D. Have you turned off

She ________ the phone.

A. didn’t answer

B. didn’t answered

C. hasn’t answer

D. hasn’t answered

Uzupełnij zdanie:

“________ to America?”

A. Has you ever was?

B. Have you ever be?

C. Has she ever been?

D. Have he ever been?

Uzupełnij zdanie:

“Brian _______ in our company for 3 years.”

A. has working

B. worked

C. has worked

D. works

A: Is Jackie your friend?
B: Yes, I ____ her for years.

A. Have been knowing

B. Knew

C. Know

D. Have known

Last night my dog _____ but after a few hours we _____ him.

A. Escaped, Have found

B. Has Escaped, Have found

C. Escaped, Found

D. Has escaped, Found

______ 2004, I have attended San Pablo School.

A. Already

B. Ago

C. For

D. Since

I _____ never ______ to Italy.

A. have never been

B. was never there

C. has never been

D. had never been


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