Grammar Quiz

Present Simple Positive and Negative Quiz


You __________ every day.

A. does studies

B. don’t studies

C. don’t study

My son __________ TV.

A. doesn’t watches

B. doesn’t watch

C. isn’t watch

Martin ___________ Chinese.

A. doesn’t speak

B. don’t speak

C. no speaks

Both Clara and Marina ________ long hair.

A. has

B. have

C. haves

Their apartment ________ very nice.

A. look

B. look’s

C. looks

We __________ in Europe.

A. doesn’t lives

B. doesn’t live

C. don’t live

My friends ________ to school every day.

A. walk

B. walks

C. walkes

My brother _______ to college in New York.

A. go

B. goes

C. gos

Peter ________ to the news on the radio.

A. listen

B. listens

C. listen’s

Joe ________two big black dogs.

A. has

B. have

C. haves

My boyfriend and I __________; we take the bus.

A. doesn’t drive

B. don’t drives

C. don’t drive

I _________ this movie.

A. doesn’t understand

B. don’t understand

C. no understand

I _______ to play tennis.

A. like

B. likes

C. like’s

I always ________ tired when I first wake up.

A. feel

B. feels

C. feeles

Clara and Robert _________ English at night.

A. studies

B. study

C. studys

Susan ______ lots of TV.

A. watch

B. watchs

C. watches

My aunt and uncle ____________ any children.

A. don’t has

B. don’t have

C. doesn’t have

They _________ that’s a good idea.

A. not think

B. doesn’t thinks

C. don’t think

Bill and Diane ____________ to the dentist often.

A. isn’t go

B. not go

C. don’t go

Carla _________ early.

A. doesn’t wake up

B. don’t wake up

C. doesn’t wakes up

Jackson _____________ how to cook.

A. doesn’t know

B. don’t know

C. not know

My sister ________ happy.

A. doesn’t be

B. isn’t

C. not

We ______ our house every Sunday.

A. clean

B. cleans

C. cleanes

The baby ________ when he is hungry.

A. cries

B. cry

C. cryes


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