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The USA President is elected for _ years.

A. 5

B. 4

C. 6

Tick the correct sentence.

A. It’s a beautiful,yellow, small fish.

B. It’s a beautiful,small,yellow fish.

Moldova is a ______ country.

A. Monarchy

B. Presidential

C. I don’t know

D. Parliament

Tick the correct sentence.

A. It’s a fast,new, American airplane.

B. It’s a new,fast, American airplane.

My dad ___ the livingroom for 2 hours before my brother ___ .

A. has been painting; come

B. is painting; comes

C. had been painting; came

D. paints; comes

This clause is NOT separated with commas.

A. Defining Relative Clause

B. Non-defining Relative Clause

Relative Clauses describe or give extra information about something.



Mike will order

A. a light, English, nice breakfast.

B. a nice,light, English breakfast.

C. a English,nice, light breakfast.

Nora ___ in a hammock while Phil ___ the garden.

A. was lying; was weeding

B. layed; weeded

C. were lying; were weeding

The Parleament is a _ power.

A. Legislative

B. Judicial

C. Executive

The _ carry out the domestic and foreign policies of the state.

A. Government

B. Parleament

C. Ministers

I wanted to buy

A. a big,round,blue, Italian dining table.

B. a big,blue,Italian, round dining table.

C. a blue,Italian big,dining round table.

When Ginny ___ me yesterday, I ___ the street.

A. seen; were crossing

B. sees; crossed

C. saw; was crossing

D. has seen; have crossed

Choose the correct past tense form.

By the time we ___ to the theatre,the play ___ already .
A. had got; started

B. have gotten; starts

C. got; had already started

Tick the correct sentence.

A. Life developed on land quickly in the last million years.

B. Life developed quickly on land in the last million years.

Choose the correct variant.

The Ministers are appointed by
A. The President

B. Citizens

C. The Premier

Relative Clauses that give additional information are called “Defining”.



Relative Clauses are always in the middle of the sentence.




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