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Choose the correct variant.

The Ministers are appointed by
A. The President

B. Citizens

C. The Premier

Nora ___ in a hammock while Phil ___ the garden.

A. was lying; was weeding

B. layed; weeded

C. were lying; were weeding

Tick the correct sentence.

A. It’s a beautiful,yellow, small fish.

B. It’s a beautiful,small,yellow fish.

Choose the correct past tense form.

By the time we ___ to the theatre,the play ___ already .
A. had got; started

B. have gotten; starts

C. got; had already started

The _ carry out the domestic and foreign policies of the state.

A. Government

B. Parleament

C. Ministers

This clause is NOT separated with commas.

A. Defining Relative Clause

B. Non-defining Relative Clause

Relative Clauses are always in the middle of the sentence.



Mike will order

A. a light, English, nice breakfast.

B. a nice,light, English breakfast.

C. a English,nice, light breakfast.

Relative Clauses that give additional information are called “Defining”.



Relative Clauses describe or give extra information about something.



I wanted to buy

A. a big,round,blue, Italian dining table.

B. a big,blue,Italian, round dining table.

C. a blue,Italian big,dining round table.

Tick the correct sentence.

A. It’s a fast,new, American airplane.

B. It’s a new,fast, American airplane.

The Parleament is a _ power.

A. Legislative

B. Judicial

C. Executive

The USA President is elected for _ years.

A. 5

B. 4

C. 6

Tick the correct sentence.

A. Life developed on land quickly in the last million years.

B. Life developed quickly on land in the last million years.

My dad ___ the livingroom for 2 hours before my brother ___ .

A. has been painting; come

B. is painting; comes

C. had been painting; came

D. paints; comes

Moldova is a ______ country.

A. Monarchy

B. Presidential

C. I don’t know

D. Parliament

When Ginny ___ me yesterday, I ___ the street.

A. seen; were crossing

B. sees; crossed

C. saw; was crossing

D. has seen; have crossed


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